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Is your storage a hotel or a hostel?

Explaining the difference between VM-aware storage and conventional storage can be a challenge—the gap is so wide. One of the best ways to help people see storage differently is with a relatable metaphor, and yesterday I heard an example that made me smile.

Tintri is the key
  • No matter how flashy storage seems, only storage bulit for virtual machines (VMs) can actually give them the resources each one needs.
  • Tintri VM-aware storage is your VMs' five-star hotel, providing the storage industry's only VM-level management. Each VM gets its own space, performance, and I/O resources.
  • If your storage hostel is bumming you out, why not read a little bit more about VM-aware storage with our new Visionary's Guide to VM-Aware Storage e-book?

You’ve planned a trip for your family—you’ve booked your flights and found what looks like a really exceptional 5-star hotel. They have beautiful photos of the front entrance and their website is peppered with bold statements about it being the best hotel in the area. Sure it’s expensive, but it looks to be worth it.

Your travel date arrives. You land at your destination, pile everyone in the car and soon pull up in front of your hotel. The front looks just like the pictures. Bingo.

You grab your bags, grab your key from the front desk and gather your family in front of the door to your room. As you unlock your room door and swing it open the smile disappears from your face.

It’s not a 5-star hotel room—it’s a hostel.

Your worst storage nightmare

Turns out, your family will be sharing a room with a few dozen other families. Loudly snoring sleepers fill the few beds available, and you prepare to fight them for space. Naturally, you kick up a fuss and your kids throw tantrums, but hotel staff can’t hear you above the noise.

And heaven forbid you need to use the bathroom. There’s a queue that wraps down the hallway, as all the rooms share one input/output point.

Knowing what you now know, would you still book this place?

Sadly, when it comes to storage, many organizations feel like they don't have a choice. Storage providers have glossy brochures with airbrushed bezel photos and bold numbers touting capacity, cost-per-gigabyte and IOPS. But what’s inside the front door? If your beloved VMs are going to be stuffed into LUNs and volumes with other visitors, they are going to have a terrible experience.

As you search around for your next storage experience, make sure you know exactly how the inside of the box has been architected, so you can be certain every VM gets its own space, performance and input/output resources.

It’s time you took a vacation from storage management.

To prep you for your trip, we've written the Visionary's Guide to VM-Aware Storage. It's an all-in-one guide to storage that will give your VMs the resources each one needs, without crowding them with noisy neighbors. You'll learn how VM-aware storage can scale out your VMs without scaling out expenditures, and how to manage your virtual applications without breaking a sweat.

Best of all, you'll learn how to look good by saving your organization time and money. That's a vacation you can get behind, right?

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Better book that ticket, because VM-aware storage is about to set you free.

Ready for your trip?

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