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What do Tintri and your local pizzeria have in common?

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Every storage company touts their product’s simplicity. They brag that their install guide fits on the back of a business card (even if it does link to the more detailed instructions), or that their array can be deployed in 60 minutes flat.

But those are just words, and you want proof. Here it is.

The proof is in the pizza

Simplicity starts with installation and configuration. So we wanted to see if a real Tintri customer could prepare a Tintri for production faster than a pizza could be delivered. Since everyone knows that pizza takes 30 minutes or less to arrive at your doorstep, it’s the perfect comparison point.

Enter Don Thompson of Quaero.

Don is the IT Engineer responsible for the smooth operation of Quaero’s data center. A data analytics company that serves up audience intelligence to huge media clients (ESPN, Time Warner and MSNBC to name a few), Quaero depends on Don.

They also depend on Tintri.

Don had previously installed a POC unit and a hybrid T880. Now he had his hands on a shiny, new T5060 all-flash VMstore.

When it was time to install the VMstore, we placed a call to the local pizza parlor, Libretto’s, and ordered one large cheese pizza. And then Don set to work.

Five simple steps:

  1. Unbox the VMstore and accessories
  2. Screw the rails into the rack
  3. Slide the VMstore into the rack
  4. Assign the VMstore an IP address
  5. Mount the hypervisor

Don’s VMstore went from box to production-ready in 24 minutes (and that included some time to play around). There was no Tintri install rep, just a few guys with video cameras to capture the process.

But don't take our word for it

Was Don’s experience exceptional in any way (besides the cameras)? Not at all. Other customers have said:

  • “We installed our VMstore while Tintri’s Systems Engineer was looking for parking in our company lot.” (Financial Services company)
  • “I’ve worked in the storage industry for 25 years and I’ve never put a storage platform in place in 35 minutes; but Tintri is that simple.” (Healthcare company)
  • “We set aside the weekend for the install, started on a Friday afternoon, and were done 20 minutes later.” (Technology company)

And installation and configuration is only the beginning. The real value of Tintri? Our software reduces your day-to-day storage management time by 98%. That’s a huge reduction in operating expense, freeing up your team so they can spend their time on strategic issues, not troubleshooting storage.

Are you up for the Tintri pizza challenge?

Good, you’re invited. You can visit our site to learn more and sign up today. Just fill out a simple form and we'll send you a FREE pizza kit. Want a demo? We'll throw in a $50 Visa gift card as well, so you can get your own pizza party.

Take the Tintri Pizza Challenge

Our sincere thanks to Don Thompson and the team at Quaero for being great sports, and for proving us right. Like pizza, Tintri delivers.