Newsletter - The Round-up - September 2016 | Tintri

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Newsletter - The Round-up - September 2016

Tintri Round-upThere are exciting things happening at Tintri and in the storage space. Here’s a quick round-up of this month’s headliners:

A word from the experts


  • Howard Marks on How Scale-out Storage Works: Join Howard Marks from and Greybeards on Storage, as he reviews the landscape of scale-out storage. Learn the various scale-out options and their pros and cons. There’s not one way to define or deploy scale-out—it’s about identifying what’s right for your organization and laying the groundwork early. It starts with this webinar.
  • VM-aware storage — the demo and the details: Join Tintri’s resident evangelist, Justin Lauer, as he discusses and demos how different VM-aware storage (VAS) is from conventional storage. You will learn about the architectural differences between VAS and LUNs as well as review a real-world customer case study where the company manages 2 PB and 50,000 VMs in just 4 hours per week.