Newsletter - The Round-up - February 2017 | Tintri

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Newsletter - The Round-up - February 2017

Tintri Round-upThere are exciting things happening at Tintri and in the storage space. Here’s a quick round-up of this month’s headlines.

In the News

Tintri weighs in on key IT trends and solutions, as cloud storage continues its growth in the IT landscape

Want to see how Tintri uses Chatbots and Alexa speech recognizing technology to completely change storage system management interface? Read the articles below.

Press Release

Voice of Customers

Read why customers chose Tintri over the competition with its faster deployment, simpler management and better performance


February 22  – Swiss Storage Webinar
The recovery expectations of users and organizations is changing and IT professionals can no longer rely on the traditional backup and recovery process to meet these new requirements. Instead data centers need to look for primary storage that has advanced replication capabilities and can integrate with multiple hypervisors and existing data protection solutions to create a holistic disaster recovery strategy.

On Demand – ActualTech Media Enterprise Cloud MegaCast
This is your opportunity to educate yourself about what’s happening in across the cloud spectrum and to discover solutions to some of your most complex data center issues from general compute needs to data protection to storage to DevOps. Tune in to learn how Tintri puts the agility of public cloud inside your data center.



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