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Newsletter - The Round-up - March 2017

Tintri Round-upHere’s a quick round-up of this month’s headlines.

In the News

Tintri weighs in on the Amazon S3 outage and explains why enterprises are best served with a multi-faceted cloud strategy

The industry is buzzing about Tintri’s game-changing use of Chatops and Alexa speechbot technology  to simplify and automate data center operations. 


  • Mar 29  Deep Dive on pNUMA & vNUMA | Save your SQL VMs from Certain DoomA!
    There's more to non-uniform memory access (NUMA) than physical boundaries in your server hardware. Learn how to deliver everything you ever wanted to know about pNUMA & vNUMA settings within VMware vSphere, Windows, & SQL Server to aid you in getting the settings right to maximize performance. In addition to an overview on NUMA, we'll discuss some nuances of NUMA that are not commonly known, effects of memory & CPU hot-add, selecting cores vs. sockets for your VMs, default calculation behavior, performance penalties for getting it wrong, and MORE!
  • On-Demand   Is Your Storage Ready for Disaster (Analyst- Hosted Webinar: StorageSwiss)
    Primary storage needs to do more, and simple LUN-based replication is not going to get the job done. Instead data centers need to look for primary storage that has advanced replication capabilities and can integrate with multiple hypervisors and existing data protection solutions to create a holistic disaster recovery strategy.
  • On-Demand   Take Back Your Time With Tintri
    Many traditional storage vendors integrate with VMware vRealize Orchestrator to manage custom workflow creation in VMware environments. Workflow automation can be limited. Tintri’s vRealize Orchestrator plugin helps you get your Tintri storage up to speed in vRealize environments.  With a variety of predefined VM-level workflows, you can automate snapshots, replication, copy data management and per-VM quality of service. All to help you guarantee performance service levels across your entire infrastructure.
  • On-Demand   ActualTech Media Flash Storage EcoCast

Case Studies

Read why customers choose Tintri over conventional storage solutions with its impressive performance and scalability


Want to know more about Cloud? We’ve got you covered. Read the ins and outs of enterprise cloud from the experts.


Tintrians can be spotted all over the world. Come meet your local team and learn how to deliver public cloud agility in your datacenter

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