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Newsletter - The Round-up - April 2017

Tintri Round-upHere’s a quick round-up of this month’s headlines.

In the News

Tintri weighs in on the Amazon S3 outage and explains why enterprises are best served with a multi-faceted cloud strategy

Video Series

Is your workload safe in public cloud? Turns out not everything belongs in public

Press Releases

Tintri new cloud solutions drives strong Q4 fiscal growth and record number of new customers

Voice of Customer

Read how Tintri’s All-flash systems saved customers time with simpler management and faster performance


  • May 2  VMUG Webinar – Teach your storage new tricks. Deploy private cloud
    Join us as we show how certain all-flash arrays can solve many of the limitations of public cloud, while maintaining public cloud agility and autonomy.
  • May 23   Migrating to public cloud? It’s not that easy.
    Join us as we make the case for a web services architecture -- delivering public cloud agility in your data center. We’ll share the stories of organizations that have deployed services-based enterprise cloud to guarantee performance, enable self-service, quiet shadow IT and manage a massive footprint with a fraction of the effort.  
  • On-Demand   Deep Dive on pNUMA & vNUMA | Save Your SQLs from Certain DoomA!
    There’s more to non-uniform memory access (NUMA) than physical boundaries in your server hardware. Putting the DEEP back into Deep Dive, Rob and Shawn will use this session to deliver everything you ever wanted to know about pNUMA & vNUMA settings within VMware vSphere, Windows, & SQL Server to aid you in getting the settings right to maximize performance. In addition to an overview on NUMA, we'll discuss some nuances of NUMA that are not commonly known, effects of memory & CPU hot-add, selecting cores vs. sockets for your VMs, default calculation behavior, performance penalties for getting it wrong, and MORE!
  • On-Demand  Data Protection and Recovery 
    Your mission: protect critical applications, recover them in case of disaster, and deliver with low RPOs and RTOs … cost-effectively. Given the consequences of failing SLA metrics, you constantly navigate new options, never missing a single trend. Speaking of which: one analyst firm predicts that by 2020, 30 percent of organizations will have replaced traditional backup applications. And so, in this webinar, we’ll explore some alternatives to traditional secondary storage, as well as the changing role of primary storage in meeting your business continuity goals. You’ll learn to balance the limitations of modern approaches with the cost and complexity of traditional solutions, and get a better handle on your options for DPDR.


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