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Take the Tintri EC6000 for a drive

Tintri EC6000 All-flash array

With application-level management and more IOPS in 2 RU than most vendors provide in an entire rack, the Tintri EC6000 is the latest and greatest in all-flash arrays.

  • The Tintri EC6000 boasts a big story in a small package: up to 645 TB and 320,000 IOPS in 2 rack units.
  • With a range from 19 TB up to 645 TB in only 2 RU rack space, you can now manage and monitor up to 40 PB and 480,000 VMs across multiple Tintri arrays from a single pane of glass.
  • With a drive-by-drive capability, you don't need to add 8 drives at a time. Just buy what you need ... 1 drive at a time.

Last month, we introduced the new Cloud Connector, which helps customers ramp up their enterprise cloud by connecting their on-premises solution to their public cloud. Combined with expanded scale-out abilities in Tintri VM Scale-Out, powerful machine learning algorithms that simplify VM distribution, and offloading of storage live migration for both vSphere and Hyper-V, Tintri has proven it's an essential enabler of enterprise cloud.

As I wrote last launch, other providers like to throw around the term "enterprise cloud" without the technology to back it up. Instead, they cloudwash a little: dressing up conventional storage arrays even when they don't play nice with your virtualized applications.

Here's how we should really be talking about enterprise cloud, in three critical elements:

  1. Cloud management. True enterprise cloud should help you manage individual applications, migrate them easily, and scale them out autonomously. With Tintri VM Scale-Out, you can start with a single 19 TB system, scale out to more than 40 PB and up to 480,000 VMs, and manage them all from a single pane of glass.
  2. Web services infrastructure. Web services are the building blocks of enterprise cloud, letting you manage your infrastructure with the agility of public cloud. With our new compute analytics addition to the Tintri Analytics platform and Tintri Cloud Connector, your enterprise cloud can move faster and more intelligently than ever.
  3. All-flash storage systems. Your enterprise cloud requires a strong storage foundation, and Tintri can give you one that helps you manage every single virtualized application. But hold this thought, because ...

Today, we're introducing the latest upgrade to our all-flash storage systems: the Tintri EC6000. It's the biggest story in all-flash storage, in one of the smallest packages: up to 645 TB and 320,000 IOPS in 2 rack units.

Now, from a dollar per gigabyte and TB per rack unit perspective, that's already impressive. We've stuffed more IOPS into 2 RU than most vendors provide in an entire rack!

But honestly, I don't think it's the most interesting part.

What makes EC6000 special?

Like all of Tintri's products, we built the Tintri EC6000 specifically for VMs and containers.

That means you can manage up to 40 PB and 480,000 VMs from a single pane of glass, and scale from 19 TB to 645 TB in 2 RU. That means we have not only a remarkably dense storage array, but also one with unmatched performance and the tools to manage it easily.

Oh, and we haven't forgotten about the dirty work. Usually, it's a headache to add more capacity. Heading into the data center, you've got to hunt for nearby rackspace to add an array, and then you need to dive into a labyrinth to cable your arrays together. But with Tintri, you just add another device and it becomes part of a loosely coupled, federated pool of storage. No cabling headache required.

Plus, we've done away with the need to add 8 drives at a time with our drive-by-drive expansion capability. To read more about that, we've made an infographic you can check out here.

Making the whole organization more efficient

With the unparalleled density, management ability, and minimal form factor of the EC6000, it's pretty clear: good things come in small packages.

Combined with our new features detailed last month, the EC6000 is the best choice for not just your enterprise cloud, but your data protection and data recovery, your VDI deployment and your dev and test environments.

With a web services architecture, you can spin up and tear down thousands of VMs and containers in minutes, and ultra-fast snapshot and recovery abilities let you recover individual VMs in just seconds. Per-application quality of service can be applied manually or autonomously, so performance is always guaranteed.

Just like always, it comes down to the classic Tintri secret sauce: application-level management and operation that leaves conventional infrastructure looking even more ill-suited to enterprise cloud.

I'm proud to say the Tintri EC6000 is the most refined statement we can make in the all-flash array market, and there's more to dig into. Check out our technical blog for details on how we developed the EC6000, and our infographic for a drive-by on drive-by-drive. And if you're ready to see more, contact your Tintri sales rep, or contact us directly. It's time to modernize your data center.