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Remote management simplifies all-flash deployment for ROBO

Remote management simplifies all-flash deployment for ROBO

Tintri's new feature allows you to perform all out-of-box operations plus power management remotely.

  • Installing and managing infrastructure at ROBO and other remote locations can be a big headache for enterprise IT teams.
  • Tintri remote management on the T1000 and EC6000 now enables you to perform out-of-box setup and power management remotely.
  • Tintri remote management further reduces the need to send administrators onsite.

Tintri has always prided itself on making enterprise storage that’s simple and intuitive. For many of our customers, we’ve reduced the time needed to manage storage from hours to minutes per week, and we’ve enabled almost every task to be performed remotely via Tintri Global Center (TGC). Now with the introduction of the T1000 and EC6000 Series all-flash arrays, we’ve gone a step further and added a remote management capability that allows you to perform initial setup and power management without necessitating direct physical access to a storage system by a trained administrator.

Set up, power on, and power off remotely

One of the biggest challenges for enterprise IT teams is setting up and managing infrastructure at remote locations like branch offices, distribution centers, and production facilities. There are always a few tasks that require someone with administrator skills to gain physical access to the hardware, but many remote locations don’t have anyone with the necessary expertise.

For example, say you’re deploying new storage systems at a dozen retail locations. In the past, you might have sent an administrator out to each location to perform the initial out-of-box setup. That’s expensive, inefficient, and wastes a lot of valuable admin time.

Now, with Tintri remote management, a trained administrator can perform all out-of-box setup tasks remotely. (You still need someone onsite to rack and stack the storage.) You can also use remote management to initiate power cycling and power up operations.

Remote management simplifies all-flash deployment for ROBO

How remote management works

Tintri remote management utilizes the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). The T1000 and EC6000 include a separate management subsystem in each controller that is independent from the controller itself. This allows administrators to monitor and manage storage system hardware and software over a separate network connection dedicated for the purpose. With IPMI you can connect to and configure a new box the same way you would if it were right in front of you.

The feature also gives you the ability to do remote power management. Although it is possible to power down a system using TGC under normal circumstances, the additional capabilities provided by remote management are useful in several situations:

  • Planned power outages. If you know that the power is going to be out in a certain location, you can shut the affected storage systems down remotely, either via TGC or remote management. Then when the power is back on, you can connect via remote management to bring the all-flash systems back online.
  • System hangs and failures. In the unlikely event that a storage system becomes unreachable or unresponsive, you can connect via remote management to power cycle the array and bring it back online. The remote management interface to the system console allows access to log files, where data related to system failures is recorded.

Tintri’s EC6000 Series and T1000 all-flash arrays with remote management lay the foundation for even greater levels of automation in the future. Imagine being able to deploy tens or hundreds of new storage systems and configure them all without having to manually enter hostnames, IP addresses, etc. on each system. 

Getting started with remote management

Remote management is available with the recently launched T1000 and EC6000 all-flash storage systems running Tintri OS 4.4.1. There’s no separate hardware to install. Support for the feature is integrated in the updated software. All new systems will ship with remote management and any existing T1000 and EC6000 all-flash arrays gain the capability once they update to OS 4.4.1.

Alex Chang / Dec 12, 2017

Alex Chang is Product Manager for the Tintri Storage Platform, responsible for enterprise platform capabilities and roadmap.