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The Case for Enterprise Use of All Flash Array Storage

The Case for Enterprise Use of All Flash Array Storage

Whether your business experiences rapid scale-ups or measured growth over the months and years, the answer for today’s enterprise storage needs is the all-flash storage array. Regardless of your current growth model, businesses of today need speedier, smarter storage options right now. For enhanced input/output per second (IOPS), reduced latency, application isolation for better quality of service (QoS), and automation to stop bottlenecking, all-flash storage is the answer.

All-flash storage supporting over 480,000 applications all managed by a single console

The Tintri EC6000 Series offers application-level management and operation, so you’ll have the most efficient enterprise cloud management ability with the least amount of work. And, with application-level operations, the EC6000 all-flash storage console is the best choice for data protection and recovery, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment and DevOps environments.

As a single console, the Tintri EC6000 offers great potential for scaling up, allowing you to begin with an all-flash system of 19TB with the potential for growth over 40 petabytes (PT), which translates to over a million gigabytes. Beyond massive scalability, EC6000 offers enterprise users so much more. You’ll have the ability to automate using open application programming interfaces (APIs), and see across your entire storage network with real-time and predictive analytics. With machine learning-powered application migration and automatic per-application quality of service policies, you never have to manually intervene to obtain high-performance.

Automation: straightforward configuration and data management at the VM level

Utilizing open APIs, scripting is simplified, standardized and dependable and robust. Automation makes per-application data management possible through clones, snapshots and replication at the virtual machine (VM) level to meet quality of service (QoS) policies. Best of all, automation through Tintri is configured with ease, and takes an hour or less to set up.

Real-time analytics for troubleshooting and one-click fixes

Use real-time analytics at the application level across your entire storage network, infrastructure and all hosts for actionable insights. Find the root of issues like latency and fix with one click. You’ll see results at the most granular level—the individual application—instantly.

Predictive analytics to project where you’re headed

Use Tintri’s predictive analytics to profile application types, model your architecture’s capacity and automatically forecast how much storage you’ll need for best-in-class performance over the next 18 months.

High-performance autonomous operation of storage and applications

With Tintri EC6000, every application is isolated in its own lane at all times, and you can manage the QoS of individual applications with simple drag and drop operation on the user interface (UI). Additionally, autonomy on this platform means having concomitant hypervisor support on a single all-flash array (AFA) for simultaneous operation of vSphere, Hyper-V, RHEV, Xen-Server and OpenStack without the need to partition. The EC6000 offers an active-standby controller with hot spares, inline deduplication, redundant array of independent disks (RAID), and compression—with this self-directing single console, you’ll never lift a finger.

Virtualization-aware all-flash storage for efficiency, flexibility and capacity with room to grow

For today’s enterprise, the Tintri EC6000 All-Flash Series offers application-level storage, delivering formidable and effective all-flash performance for as many as 7,500 virtualized or cloud-native applications. Using less than one-fifth the rack space utilized by hard disk drives (HDDs) that offer the same storage capacity, this all-flash system lowers your carbon footprint while speeding up performance. Additionally, Tintri EC6000 Series all-flash storage offers affinity threading: a way to minimize the number of task transfers between CPUs, allowing your infrastructure to concentrate as much activity as possible on each single CPU. What’s more, the Tintri All-Flash EC6000 offers options for flexible expansion, allowing you to manage the balance between capacity and performance within your unique infrastructure.

Pick the EC6000 console that meets your enterprise needs

The Tintri EC6000 Series, including the Tintri EC6030, EC6050, EC6070 and EC6090, offers various scale-out capabilities through 64 nodes with raw flash capacity ranging from 1.5PB–11.8PB and application density from 32,000–480,000 VMs. Each different model offers a different volume to support the number of applications you want to provision up to 480,000 VMs (Tintri EC6090). Depending on the amount of applications and storage you need for your enterprise, each model offers variable control of application density, onboard network ports, optional network ports and virtualization.

More differentiating factors that make the Tintri EC6000 the best choice for enterprise

With autonomy being the hallmark of any Tintri platform, you’ll never have to manually configure or reconfigure functions or operations of any VMs or containers. And all EC6000 arrays reuse metadata blocks through write pattern identification to enhance speed, performance and capacity.

The Tintri EC6000 Series All-Flash Storage Arrays only use solid state disks (SSDs), so you’ll never experience the bottlenecking that occurs with hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs offer much higher capacity and capability for read-intensive applications, so the latency you’ve experienced when using HDD storage will become history for your enterprise. And again, the Tintri EC6000, unlike other SSDs, is built on the application level.

And because every EC6000 Series model uses the same operating system (OS) that every other Tintri series uses, you’ll be able to scale out your existing footprint up to 40PB—all from one central console.

Without question, the Tintri EC6000 Series reduces your workload, makes troubleshooting quick and simple, and allows you to spin up thousands of VMs with incredible speed because it’s built with a web services architecture. If you’re ready to put public cloud-like agility in your datacenter, let’s chat: get in touch with Tintri for a demonstration and discover the all-flash storage array that’s right for your enterprise.