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Tintri All-Flash Storage and Commvault IntelliSnap: A Perfect Combination

Tintri All-Flash Storage and Commvault IntelliSnap: A Perfect Combination

Tintri now integrates with Commvault IntelliSnap technology, further automating data protection and simplifying backup and recovery.

  • Snapshots are becoming the go-to method for enterprise data protection.
  • Integration of Commvault IntelliSnap technology and Tintri VM-aware storage enables highly parallel snapshot and backup operations, shrinking the cost and complexity of data management.
  • Enabling SecureVM in your Tintri environment provides data-at-rest encryption that protects both primary data and snapshots. Used as a backup target, Tintri all-flash storage provides a secure vault.

Tintri technology partner Commvault is a leading provider of data protection, cloud, and information management solutions, helping companies worldwide activate and drive more value and business insight out of their data. Together, Commvault software and Tintri VM-aware storage provide a powerful data protection solution for virtual machines (VMs), both locally and remotely. We help your organization take total control of virtualized workloads, managing them with precision and eliminating costly VM sprawl. Commvault data protection complements Tintri’s capabilities for VM-level snapshots and replication. Recently, Tintri announced integration with Commvault IntelliSnap technology, allowing your organization to automate more aspects of data protection for VMs. Tintri SecureVM technology can be used in combination with Commvault to provide data-at-rest encryption for both primary and secondary data.

Streamline Backup, Replication, and Storage at the VM level

Tintri and Commvault have provided customers with VM-level data protection for critical workloads with high performance backup and restore for quite a while. Tintri all-flash storage is built for virtualized environments and the cloud. As one of the most popular data protection solutions, Commvault integrates with Tintri storage to provide backup for your databases, files, applications, endpoints, and VMs with maximum efficiency according to data type and recovery profile.

Through the integration of Tintri and IntelliSnap technology, your business gains a protection and recovery solution that reduces backup overhead and simplifies operations. IntelliSnap software tightly integrates Tintri snapshots into VM-aware, data-focused protection and recovery operations. By leveraging Tintri per-VM snapshots and Commvault intelligent policy-based snapshot management, the solution drives highly parallel snapshot and backup operations while eliminating manual scripting and management processes, shrinking the cost and complexity of data management.

Integration Between Tintri Storage and Commvault IntelliSnap

Hardware array snapshots are becoming the go-to method for protecting and recovering enterprise data and applications. By automating, unifying, and simplifying snapshot management, Tintri’s integration with Commvault IntelliSnap helps you overcome the traditional challenges associated with snapshot recovery workflows, indexing, and integration with applications and VMs. Fully integrated with virtualization platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V, the solution can protect hundreds, even thousands of VMs with minimal effect on your team’s productivity.

IntelliSnap provides a layer of intelligence between storage and applications. It ensures snapshot data integrity, executes policies and schedules, automates array discovery, and indexes and catalogs snapshot data, providing simplicity, integration and control to snapshot management across multiple storage systems. With IntelliSnap integration, VM awareness spans from Tintri storage into hardware snapshots through Commvault backup, recovery, and VM lifecycle management, offering you more visibility into your end-to-end operations and more control of your data protection and recovery.

With Tintri and Commvault you can:

  • Take a hardware snapshot of each VM being backed up, instead of taking snapshots of an entire datastore containing tens or hundreds of VMs.
  • Manage and back up VMs and vDisks instead of LUNs and volumes, eliminating complex configuration and ongoing tuning.
  • Scale and back up virtualized environments from hundreds to thousands of VMs without additional storage provisioning.
  • Protect individual VMs with customizable policies using VM-level data protection including space efficient snapshots that don’t impact performance.
  • Deploy affordable per-VM data protection and disaster recovery with VM-level replication, deduplication, and compression.
  • Create a smart clone VM from the VM snapshot and use the cloned VM as a source for the backup copy or restore operation.
Tintri All-Flash Storage and Commvault IntelliSnap: A Perfect Combination

Full Encryption with No Impact to Data Protection or Application Performance

Data security is critically important for all organizations, particularly in finance, government, defense, and healthcare industries. There are often strict policy requirements or regulations that must be followed to keep data secure. And now that GDPR has gone into effect, new privacy and security protocols may need to be enacted. No matter what industry you’re in, it may be imperative to ensure that all copies of data—both primary and secondary—are protected with encryption. Tintri all-flash storage provides secure, data-at-rest encryption using SecureVM. Because SecureVM encryption is transparent to both applications and data protection software, you can add encryption to your environment without adding complexity or overhead. By configuring Tintri storage as a backup target for Commvault, you can create an encrypted backup repository that doesn’t add the time and overhead created by enabling software-based encryption.

SecureVM conforms to the highest security standards to satisfy the toughest policy and regulatory requirements. Flexible features make it simple to deploy and manage:

  • Choose either internal or external key management
  • Change authentication keys with a single click
  • Easily back up keys
  • Cryptographically lock an entire storage system under threat

SecureVM ensures that data on physical drives is unrecoverable if a key or physical drive is compromised, protecting you from a wide range of threats. Benefits include:

  • Safety. Data is encrypted inline using AES-256 algorithms without any impact on performance or capacity.
  • No Performance Impact. Turn on encryption of data at rest anytime to instantaneously meet your compliance regulations. No wait time before all data gets completely encrypted and no performance penalty for turning on encryption.
  • Simplicity. The Tintri interface is simple to activate and manage; single-click key rotation saves time and reduces complexity.

SecureVM is part of the Tintri Software Suite, which adds advanced capabilities for value-added use cases ranging from enterprise cloud and data protection/disaster recovery to DevOps. The suite also includes Tintri Global CenterReplicateVMSyncVM, and Tintri Cloud Connector.