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Webinar: Forrester & Tintri on DevOps and Storage-as-Code

DevOps and Storage-As-Code Are Essential to Your Business Success

Join Tintri and Forrester Principal Analyst, Charles Betz, for a dynamic conversation on DevOps that will bridge the gap between the IT developer and the IT admin and offer guidance on how both teams can win for your business.

Forrester has seen an increase in interest in industry adoption and experimentation with DevOps that has taken it beyond the early adoption phase with substantial evidence of global uptake across IT professionals in a variety of industries.

In the upcoming Webinar—DevOps & Storage-as-Code - Hype, Hope or Horror Show?—Charles Betz, Forrester’s lead DevOps analyst, and Matt Geddes, Tintri Field CTO, will shed light on what storage-as-code means for your DevOps practices and the overall success of your business in the digital age. They will explain how IT automation, cloud, composable infrastructure, and DevOps are more than just industry buzzwords, they are also core to an IT transition your company is likely already undergoing.

Webinar-Tintri & Forrester on DevOps and Storage-as-Code

Picking up on themes Matt covered in his recent Webinar—Lessons Learned from the DevOps Movement—this presentation will compare traditional IT and DevOps IT, including real-world examples of traditional approaches vs. leaner, more agile product development approaches. They will discuss in depth the origins of DevOps and how quickly DevOps tools have become the foundation of speed, agility, and stability for development and infrastructure teams as well as the strategic role hardware still plays in DevOps.

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DevOps and Storage-as-Code—Hype, Hope or Horror Show?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 | 10:00AM PST

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