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What Sets Tintri Apart

Innovative technology, dedicated teams, and fanatical customers

Virtualized Workloads

It all started in a basement

It was 2008 and just 2% of workloads were virtualized, but Kieran anticipated the rapid adoption of virtualization. He had seen first hand that legacy storage was poorly suited to virtualized workloads—organizations had to supply experts for constant manual intervention.

All-flash Storage Products

And changed the data center

Kieran attracted a team of experts to re-imagine and re-build storage from the ground-up specifically for virtualized workloads. Since then we’ve launched numerous generations of all-flash storage and highly differentiated software. We’ve saved thousands of organizations hundreds-of-thousands of hours of management effort and millions of dollars.

Enterprise Cloud Capabilities

With more firsts in the future

The team at Tintri continues to push the envelope. We’ve filed more than 50 patents for our file system, predictive analytics, scale-out software and more.

We’re the first all-flash platform to enable VM-level storage actions—the ability to replicate, clone, snapshot and set QoS on individual virtual machines. Our roadmap emphasizes machine learning, analytics and enterprise cloud capabilities—more firsts lie ahead.

Delivering for customers

From thousands of enterprises, cloud service providers and thought leaders:


Embraced and shared by our customers

Tintri consistently transforms the way customers operate. That’s how we’ve earned the #1 ranking on EVERY major peer review site, including:

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