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Avnet Technology Solutions establishes strong Tintri storage partnership

Avnet Technology Solutions Establishes Strong Tintri Storage Partnership

Leading Australian IT service provider becomes Tintri distributor and also uses Tintri VMstore systems internally for hosted cloud offering

Avnet Technology Solutions

As a leading distributor of IT solutions in more than 70 countries, Australia’s Avnet Technology Solutions (ATS) improves how technology products and services are defined and delivered to businesses worldwide. “We started out as a traditional distribution company, but we are now offering a much wider range of products and services to our customers—including hosted cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, next-generation security, and networking solutions,” noted Louise Bramston, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Avnet Technology Solutions.

Looking for a Distribution Partner

ATS had been using and reselling a variety of legacy storage systems before moving to the Tintri platform. “Tintri first came to our attention in 2014 when we were reviewing new products for distribution,” said Spiro Socratous, Enterprise Systems Business Manager at Avnet Technology Solutions. “Tintri provided us with an evaluation unit that we staged in our lab. After thoroughly testing the VMstore systems for a few months, we knew we wanted to become a Tintri distributor. Tintri had the best product out there at that time, and they still do.”

Choosing the Tintri VM-Aware Systems

In addition to becoming a Tintri partner and distributor, ATS also bought three Tintri units for its internal customer hosting services. ATS’s IT team has now deployed over 800 virtual hosts across the three Tintri units.

“The value that Tintri offers to our internal cloud service business is unmatched by any other storage platform,” Socratous stated. “What originally convinced us to go with Tintri was its ease-of-use. The Tintri platform is incredibly simple to deploy, and no storage specialists are needed to manage the environment on a day to day basis. Ten of our systems engineers have completed the on-line Tintri certification training. One of our admins reported back that it’s the best IT infrastructure in terms of simplicity he has ever worked with. In addition to its ease of use, Tintri comes with extremely valuable compression features and a built-in monitoring platform that provides in-depth utilization and performance information for every virtual machine that resides on it.”

Using Tintri Global Center

“Tintri Global Center is a very intuitive management interface,” Socratous reported. “It provides a single pane-of-glass view into VM-level statistics from all of our devices. It makes it very easy to get point-in-time data, whether it's latency or IOPS. We tried to get performance data on each virtual machine from our hypervisors and the other tools before Tintri, but we could only see the storage as a whole and couldn't determine the source of any performance problems. With Tintri Global Center, we can get storage statistics at the virtual machine level. As a result, we’re spending about half as much time managing the Tintri systems as our previous environment.”

Providing Different Tiers of Storage

ATS is also using the Service Group feature in Tintri Global Center to set up different tiers of storage for its hosted cloud service customers. “Tintri has enabled us to set up three different tiers of storage to meet our clients’ varying performance needs,” Socratous said. “This provides our customers with much more flexibility and control over costs when ordering storage, and enables us to differentiate our service offerings from other IT providers.”

Tintri’s VM-level visibility also makes troubleshooting a breeze, according to Socratous. “Our support team uses the Tintri Granular Reporting feature to check virtual server performance on each disk. That information enables us to pinpoint any client issues with disk latency. We can easily create graphs to show to our clients, and quickly move their VM servers to a higher QoS tier if more performance is needed.”

Final Thoughts

“Everything is working out so well that we’re now forming a separate business unit just for our Tintri storage devices,” Socratous concluded. “Becoming a Tintri distributor was an excellent decision for our company. We are looking forward to long and mutually beneficial partnership with Tintri well into the future.”