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Tintri improves performance and simplifies management of VDI deployment at Berufliche Schule City Nord Hamburg

Berufliche Schule City Nord Hamburg

“The setup was very intuitive and can even be done without having to be a virtualization expert.”

- Michael Rompa, Head of IT at BS City Nord

The Berufsschule City Nord or BS City Nord founded in August 2015, is a merger of two vocational schools in Hamburg. The newly consolidated school located in the northern part of Hamburg unifies the strengths and traditions of the two previous schools. As part of the merger, extensive renovations took place at the various sites and until the school moves to a new development, the vocational training will take place at four different sites across this northern area of Hamburg. Currently, BS City Nord Hamburg has consolidated its headquarters and datacenter at one of the previous school’s main buildings. This newly centralized datacenter was built to deliver infrastructure for the entire organization, supporting 120 teachers and 2,500 students in their daily educational lives. Additionally, two smaller datacenters are located at two remote sites.

Previous Pain

BS City Nord Hamburg previously deployed a Nutanix solution in 2012. However, the setup proved to be problematic for running virtual applications and there were ongoing problems with the creation of Virtual Machine’s (VM) throughout different phases of the process. Additionally it was unable to support the organizations existing virtualized footprint and impeded the move to the next stage of VDI. The organization experienced a big problem with latency, ranging from 12 to 500 milliseconds. At least once a week controller VMs would crash, creating more problems for the hardware, software and the management level.

Decision: Purchased one Tintri T850 system

A-ha moment

“The performance was not good enough, the latencies were too high and the overall reliability of the system was not what we expected and needed. So we decided to replace the system, although it was still relatively new, with a faster and more stable solution that would provide scalability and easy management. This would also help us, as the next phase of our virtualization plan is to roll out up to 350 more virtualized desktops.”

3 big wins

Lower energy consumption
“The city of Hamburg and our school put a lot of emphasis on the importance of being energy efficient. Broken down to every single VM, Tintri now provides us with great efficiency and in turn will save us even more as the number of virtual desktop increases.”

“The new Tintri system has brought back the trust in our system and our IT team does not have to worry about it all the time. By choosing the T850, we are now able to ramp up our numbers of VDI users as it offers enough performance and capacity for more users.”

Simple set up
“The setup was very intuitive and can even be done without having to be a virtualization expert.”