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A Self-Service Solution for Multi-Cloud


IT departments have multiple options for hosting cloud native and virtualized applications from private cloud data centers to any number of public clouds. But how can a traditional IT department bridge gaps between multiple cloud deployments and simplify management? Use a combination of Tintri and CloudBolt. 

Tintri Enterprise Cloud provides the infrastructure foundation. Tintri’s Open APIs and ability to operate on individual virtual machines, vDisks and containers puts the agility of public cloud into the enterprise data center. CloudBolt integrates that private footprint with public cloud(s) in a single, seamless cloud management platform that enables self-service with centralized control.

CloudBolt Software

CloudBolt software provides a single pane of glass to provision, manage and report on virtual servers across both private clouds (built on OpenStack, VMware, etc.) and public clouds (including AWS, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, etc.) Simple interfaces are used to provision servers and blueprints such as ELK—stacks of interconnected servers and applications—for developers and users. Through CloudBolt’s intuitive self-service portal, end users can select from a catalog of servers and application environments pre-configured by administrators to meet business needs and regulatory requirements. 

With CloudBolt Software, IT becomes an internal service provider for a multi-cloud environment. End-users get instant access to the servers and applications they need without having to worry about underlying infrastructure. And CloudBolt’s platform helps developers and cloud admins leverage automation and orchestration for copy data management, continuous monitoring and troubleshooting.

Tintri Solution

Tintri Enterprise Cloud is designed with the same web services building block approach used by public cloud. That includes a complete set of Open APIs and a level of abstraction—working in virtual machines, vDisks and containers—not possible with other storage solutions. And that makes it possible for end users to spin up and tear down high performance virtualized servers without worry of creating infrastructure performance challenges.

Tintri technology automatically monitors and manages virtualized server (instance) performance so you don’t have to. Automated Quality of Service and performance isolation technology ensures every virtualized server has its own I/O lane. That isolation eliminates conflict over resources with no manual intervention required. Built-in data management tools make it simple to snapshot, clone,replicate, and restore any number of virtualized servers.

CloudBolt and Tintri Together

CloudBolt has integrated Tintri Global Center reporting and analytics into its dashboards. That includes real-time performance graphs—IOPS, MB/sec and Latency—that capture the behavior of every individual server and application that lives on Tintri. These visualizations make it simple to identify performance bottlenecks across host, network and storage, and quickly pinpoint the root cause of any latency with zero storage training and zero guesswork.

This integration also makes it possible to use Tintri-based per-VM data management tools via CloudBolt. End-users can create space efficient snapshots of their servers and then restore a server to any previously created snapshot. End-users can use the clone menu to create multiple, space-efficient clones of their servers; Tintri ensures that each clone will be automatically attached to the hypervisor host and made visible in the hypervisor manager. Replication is one click away and retention policies can be customized for each server. 

And CloudBolt makes all these per-VM management tools and performance graphs available via the same console through which you can deploy and manage complex application stacks across multiple clouds. Cloudbolt software shows configuration details for VMs deployed on both private and public clouds, and the software allows end-users to perform post-deployment actions on their servers.

Cloudbolt Plugin

Want to radically simplify your multi-cloud deployment? Then use Tintri and CloudBolt in concert to easily deploy and monitor server applications across private and public clouds.