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Clouditalia Relies on Tintri's VM-aware Storage

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Italian Cloud Infrastructure Chooses Tintri for its High Performance and Easy Manageability

Company Information

Clouditalia Communications S.p.A. is the first Italian company to provide integrated cloud and telecommunications services dedicated to medium-sized companies. Founded in 2012, Clouditalia now delivers a wide range of tailored and integrated telecommunications, connectivity and cloud computing solutions with enhanced connectivity to major network sites, including Rome, Milan, Bologna and Pisa.

IT Challenges

Clouditalia had been relying on a mix of storage solutions from several traditional vendors, including NetApp and EMC. “Our existing storage systems were not providing enough performance for our customers’ applications, especially those with very high I/O requirements like real-time ticketing,” noted Francesco Baroncelli, Market and Operations, Clouditalia, “We started looking for a better system last year. At first we considered a traditional storage solution from NetApp, but it proved to be too expensive for the amount of infrastructure we needed to meet our customers’ service level agreements.”

Bernado Marzucchi, CTO at Clouditalia: “We first learned about Tintri at VMworld in 2013,” he reported. “I watched the Tintri demo and was really impressed with its performance and manageability. The Tintri approach is much more innovative than the traditional solutions from EMC, NetApp or HP. We decided to test Tintri, since it is a market leader in the field of software-defined storage.”

Running the POC

Clouditalia ran a proof of concept demo on a Tintri T880 system at one of the company’s two data centers. “We had a problem in our data center, which made us move 30% of our load over to the POC machine,” noted Marzucchi, “This exercise allowed us to really understand what Tintri could do for us. The Tintri system provided easier management, higher performance and very low latency. From that moment on, it was obvious that we needed to switch to Tintri, so we accepted their purchase proposal. Now, we are managing three T880 systems and couldn’t be happier.”

Moving to Tintri

“Tintri storage is specifically built for virtualized applications, so that organizations can automate every storage action at the virtual machine (VM) level,” Marzucchi explained. “The Tintri systems are ideal for environments with hundreds of thousands of virtual machines running business critical databases, enterprise applications, desktops and mobile apps and private cloud deployments.”

Clouditalia has now installed Tintri T880 systems in each of its data centers. “Our two biggest customers have already been moved to Tintri,” noted Baroncelli.“It integrates very well with our existing architecture. After the move to Tintri, system performance improved beyond our expectations and customer satisfaction remains extremely high.”

Simpler Management

“Another positive effect of the Tintri technology is that it dramatically reduced the need for storage management,” Marzucchi said. “Our team was spending far too much time managing and tuning our old systems. Now that we have Tintri, we don’t think about storage anymore. It just works and it works well! Our IT team has more time to focus on more strategic activities, rather than having to manage the storage systems.”

Lower Latencies

“Our end users were complaining of latencies in the hundreds or even thousands of milliseconds for their critical applications,” noted Marzucchi,“Today, all latencies are well below ten milliseconds. This is extremely important for our customers. One of our clients that uses SAP had to continually reload their machines because that application could not handle the high latency. Another customer was using the Asterisk app for its call center, but it would often stop because the application needed very low latencies. Both of these applications are now running extremely well on the new Tintri systems.”

Enabling New Offerings

“With Tintri in our data centers, we have been able to add new service offerings to our catalog,” Baroncelli said. “We can give our customers a wider choice of services based upon their varying needs for high performance and I/O. They can buy CPU, they can buy more RAM and they can buy faster storage. We installed Tintri for our current customers directly on their machines without charging any more, but we did let them know that their applications had been moved to a much better storage platform.”

Becoming a Tintri Partner

Clouditalia signed a new partnership agreement with Tintri in July 2015. “With the demand for cloud services steadily growing and changing, Tintri is enabling us to reinforce our competitive edge with a stronger, more dynamic, and higher performing technology infrastructure,” noted Baroncelli.

Marco Iannucci, CEO of Clouditalia, added, "The partnership with Tintri is in line with the strategic development of Clouditalia’s offering. We always put our customers’ needs first. By including Tintri’s solutions in our data centers, we are able to align resources and performance with the needs of each application. Our customers are obtaining greater control, simplicity, and scalability offered by our enhanced cloud services.”

Tintri is also enabling Clouditalia to move to a software-defined data center storage model. We now prefer Tintri above all other storage platforms for its efficiency, high performance, and easy manageability,” concluded Baroncelli.



Telecom and Cloud


Rome, Italy

Virtualization environment

VMware vSphere

Traditional storage: NetApp and EMC

VM profile

All customer workloads and internal business applications

Key challenges

Inadequate performance and high latencies with existing storage systems

Tintri solution

Three Tintri VMstore T880 systems

Primary use case

Tintri is being used at Clouditalia's internal data centers and for its customer cloud applications

Business benefits

Reduced application latencies from thousands of milliseconds to below 10 ms

Simplifed storage management

Enabled the launch of premium services for clients with high IO requirements