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Datastore365 builds for future success on twin pillars of Mellanox and Tintri

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Datastore365 has more than ten years’ experience in delivering a range of cloud services to customers, including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), online backup, disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) and hosted Exchange, from its data centres in Milton Keynes and Reading. The company was keen to find a way to future proof its technologies and provide leading-edge high performance services in an increasingly competitive market. It was also seeking to ensure the technologies were easy to manage and maintain.

Two solutions are better than one

Searching for suitable solutions to meet its expectations, the company came upon Mellanox and Tintri. With Infiniband and Ethernet interconnect solutions aimed at increasing data centre efficiency by providing low latency and fast data delivery to applications with reduced runtimes, Mellanox was more than capable of matching Datastore365’s requirements for high performance. Mellanox had also proven its capabilities in a number of challenging markets, including high-performance computing, storage and financial services.

As for Tintri, Datastore365 was interested in its VM-aware storage, which eliminates the time it takes to plan and carry out complex troubleshooting by providing VM-level visibility, control and insight for all virtualised environments and the cloud. Combining the two solutions offered a number of benefits, including reductions of up to 98 per cent in management tasks and troubleshooting, and a 50 per cent reduction in space required in the data centres.

The two solutions also optimised power consumption, with 75 per cent less power being used per port. Using Mellanox and Tintri together increased storage performance by up to 18 times, at a cost 80 per cent lower than comparable technologies. All of these factors, including simplified deployment, easier data centre management and reduced expenditure, helped Mellanox and Tintri to stand out from the competition for Datastore365. Explaining Datastore365’s decision to implement Mellanox and Tintri, technical services director Gary Witts says: “We wanted to future-proof ourselves as we pride ourselves on our investment in leading edge technologies.”

A seamless deployment

Deployment of the solutions was painless and easy for Datastore365, and it didn’t take long to be up and running. Asked what had been the biggest surprise about the Mellanox and Tintri deployment, Witts cites the “ease of the deployment” and the speed with which everything was up and running.

Once the deployment was implemented, it soon became clear the two technologies would have a significant impact on the way Datastore365 operated. Witts explains: “We don’t have to worry about managing capacity across multiple VMware data stores anymore and, equally, we do not waste storage having to maintain free capacity across discrete LUNs.”

Major improvements

In addition to the financial benefits and increased competitiveness, the deployment has dramatically improved the performance of Datastore365’s data centres as the company is able to monitor and manage its infrastructure much more efficiently. It has also strengthened Datastore365’s capacity planning capabilities. “We have much greater insight into the overall performance of our infrastructure and an increased ability to capacity plan,” Witts reveals.

He adds that Datastore365 has “also seen significant increases in our customers’ virtual infrastructure and huge leaps in our backup and restore performance, which we and our clients are very happy with.”

Why Tintri?

Cost Savings

A low power, easily managed solution allows lower capital and operational costs. Tintri offers visibility of capacity and performance reserves so organisations never need to over-provision again.

Minimize your overhead

Businesses can utilise their resources where the business needs them most. Choosing Tintri means simple set-up, provisioning and management without the need of a storage expert.

Service Tiers with Guaranteed Performance SLAs

Tintri lets organisations establish performance levels and set QoS for individual VMs or groups of VMs, so they can establish service levels and provide customers with exactly what they need.

Real Time Analytics

Tintri lets companies see what’s happening with every VM in real time to assess today’s requirements and predict tomorrow’s.

Why Mellanox?

A future-proofed switching solution

Each port of the SX1012 can run at 1, 10, 40 GbE (out of the box). Selecting Mellanox ensures switching will evolve with the storage solution, while minimising future capital expenditure.

High-performance switching for high performance storage.

Delivering the highest bandwidth and lowest latency ensures storage performance is optimised. The SX1012 is the switch for storage.

Optimise the data centre and reduce operational costs.

The unique form-factor of the SX1012 providesthe highest number of ports in the smallest footprint. Space savings of 50% and low power consumption reduces day-to-day costs.

Simple management

Mellanox NEO is a powerful software platform with a simple interface which reduces the complexity of network management. With a host of features, it feel as if the network is almost managing itself.