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Mississippi government agency switches to Tintri for “light-years” faster performance and VM-level visibility

Tintri Hybrid-Flash VMstore T850 for DeSoto County

Mississippi government agency switches to Tintri for "light-years" faster performance and VM-level visibility

Previous Pain

DeSoto County's IT department provides service to 650 internal and external end users, including the Tax Assessor’s office, Sheriff's Office, Justice Court, and other government entities. The County had been using Dell EqualLogic SAN and a ViSX flash system from Astute Networks. When Astute went out of business in 2014, the county was left running on an unsupported flash SAN and the EqualLogic systems were limited on space, performance, and redundancy.

Decision: Purchased a Tintri VMstore T850 system for all county workloads.

A-ha Moment

Says Evan Rogers, Network and Systems Administrator at DeSoto County, "We chose Tintri for all of the VM-level metrics it gives us and the performance we can get out of it. I ran it through several benchmark tests before we bought it, and it handled everything I threw at it with ease."

3 big wins

Faster deployments
“From a bare-bones deployment, it used to take several hours to complete all of the formatting, and create all of the LUNs and iSCSI initiators on the Astute systems. With Tintri, the deployment was finished in less than five minutes.””

VM-level visibility
“Before Tintri, I could access some metrics if I went into vSphere, looked at each VM individually, and then compile the statistics. Tintri gives me a complete overview of what’s going on in my entire environment at any point in time, from one management pane. It used to take me at least half an hour to gather all of the statistics on the legacy systems. With Tintri, it takes just a few seconds.”

Higher performance
“The imagery on our GIS site loads much faster now and the speed across all apps has increased. The reduced latencies really helped our virtual desktop environment. And finally, our IP cameras and surveillance system is ‘light-years faster’ than before.”