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Everbridge Uses Tintri to Ensure Speed and Performance for Mass Notifications, Alerts, and Emergency Broadcasts



From natural disasters to IT service outages, organizations are always at risk for disruptive events that threaten “business as usual”. Everbridge—a Glendale, California-based technology company—provides a critical communication suite that helps clients be better prepared, make better decisions, and respond quickly and confidently during disruptive events.

By automating communications when an incident happens, Everbridge ensures that the right messages get to the right people at the right time. In many cases, Everbridge’s notifications and alerts can mean the difference between life and death. As a result, Everbridge needs to ensure that every aspect of its Global SaaS infrastructure—including its storage—is designed for performance and response.

Scaling for Mass Communications

“If a municipality wanted to send a message to a million people in a rapid amount of time, they would use our technology,” explained Frank Basso, Vice President of SaaS Operations at Everbridge. “We send well over 50,000 email, SMS, and phone calls per minute. To do that, everything on the back end has to be highly scalable, highly available, and fully equipped to handle the surge load.”

Beyond handling everyday surges, Everbridge needed storage that could accommodate future growth. “Our company is in a high growth phase, where the amount of traffic within our system is growing 35%-50% per year,” said Basso. “We wanted storage that would let us keep up with customer growth.”

Tintri: Easy Decision

The Tintri VMstoreTM T650 Series storage appliance was the ideal solution for Everbridge’s needs. The T650 delivers the performance of flash with the economics of high capacity HDD with Tintri FlashFirstTM design delivering 99% of IO from flash. Everbridge has four Tintri T650 units spread across its geographically disparate datacenters, powering its operations.

Going with Tintri was an easy decision for Everbridge. “Other providers of flash-based storage didn’t have pricing within the realm of reality,” said Basso. “Meanwhile, we had several legacy storage systems, but we decided not to renew or refresh them. Their technology just seemed to lag behind Tintri in terms of performance, ease of use, and quick deployment.”

Installing the T650 was an exercise in total simplicity. “Our Tintri unit was out of the box, into the rack, powered on, and running within an hour,” said Basso. “The system really is ‘plug and play’—which is not the norm when it comes to storage.”

Basso’s experience was mirrored by that of his colleagues. “My operations and engineering team came up to speed immediately with the product,” said Basso. “The Tintri user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it didn’t require any specialty training. We didn’t need to learn about the tuning parameters and techniques on the platform; we didn’t have to work to dial in our platform to attain the IO rates that we were promised. Those usual storage integration issues just weren’t there—it was all very straightforward.”

The ease of use also meant significant cost avoidance for Everbridge. “Adding Tintri into our environment didn’t create any administrative overhead,” said Basso. “We’re very happy about that, because engineers are expensive—and dedicated storage engineers just don’t make sense at an agile, fast-paced company like ours.”

Making a difference

For Everbridge, the benefit of Tintri is more than just smart, scalable storage for its virtualized environment: it’s the ability to make a difference for its clients.

“Everbridge is part of 3,000 clients’ critical communications plans,” said Basso. “If they have an emergency broadcast, it needs to depart our system as rapidly as possible. During the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt, our technology was responsible for powering the alerts that went out to keep the population notified of what was happening and how to stay safe.”

The company also services counties in Colorado that have experienced severe floods. “We notified entire towns to get out of the way of a water surge caused by flash flooding,” said Basso. “When our sales team visited those towns afterwards, they were able to see the damage firsthand and realize how many lives our product had potentially saved.”


Everbridge is so impressed with the two Tintri units in its production environment that it purchased two more for its pre- release and development environments. “Tintri’s ease of use, low overhead, and price performance value is so far ahead of everyone else that we decided not to go with traditional storage for our pre-release and development environments,” said Basso. “Instead, we decided to use the exact same technology that we have in our production environment. For us, Tintri is worth it—it’s just a completely different experience for storage.”



California, USA

Virtualization environment

VMware vSphere 5.5

HP and Dell servers

200-300 VM’S across two datacenters

Traditional storage prior to Tintri: Hitachi

VM profile

Ubuntu Linux

100% virtualized Web, Application, Email, Database, and other Servers and services

Key challenges

Accommodate surges in demand

Provide flexibility and scalability for company growth

Tintri solution

TintriVMstoreTMT650Series–4 Units

Primary use case

Provide high performance back end for critical communications offering

Business benefits

Add high performance storage that scales as needed

Provide flexible IT infrastructure that supports business agility

Avoid IT costs associated with hiring dedicated storage engineers