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Green Cloud grows its business with Tintri storage foundation

Green Cloud

“Our business has grown 20x over the past few years, but Tintri allows us to manage our storage footprint in a fraction of the time we used to spend.”

- Keith Coker, CTO, Green Cloud Technologies


Previous Pain

As a channel-led cloud service provider, Green Cloud serves numerous resellers, who in turn serve hundreds of end customers. And that means Green Cloud faced a challenge with indeterminate workloads— meaning they rarely knew what workloads those end customers would be adding or modifying next, or how demands on performance would vary. To ensure smooth operation (and maintain their reputation), Green Cloud had to obsess about storage, including dedicating two storage experts to work full-time managing their storage footprint. 

A-ha Moment

While testing their first Tintri, Green Cloud’s legacy SAN solution experienced a significant failure. They were in a jam—forced to immediately move production workloads to their Tintri POC. It performed flawlessly.

“We’re always suspicious of new technologies—it’s our job to try and break them. From day one, Tintri VM- aware storage has simply worked.”

As an employee-owned business that differentiates itself on exceptional service, Green Cloud also found that Tintri’s hands-on team and eagerness to collaborate on product development to be kismet.

3 big wins

Guaranteed Performance
Tintri handles Green Cloud’s workloads by assigning each virtual machine its own lane. Green Cloud can even offer different service tiers on a single Tintri system with per-VM QoS.

Ease of Management
Green Cloud no longer needs dedicated storage experts to manage its Tintri footprint. “Our VMware admins manage our Tintri VMstores with very little effort.”

“Storage isn’t the focus of our team meetings any longer. Instead we spend our time on strategic projects, and finding ways to better serve our customers.”