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Infused Innovations Moves Enterprise Applications and Managed Services to Tintri Storage

Tintri VM Scale-out Automatically Balances and Places VMs to Eliminate Hotspots, Optimize Performance and Capacity on Tintri Storage Infrastructure for On-Premise and Hosted Cloud Deployments


IT Challenges

Infused Innovations designs and implements technology solutions for a wide variety of corporate customers, educational institutions, healthcare agencies, and non-profit organizations across the United States. “Our focus is on providing strategic value to all of our customers—not just recommending whatever product or vendor we happened to be aligned with at the moment,” stated Jeffrey Wilhelm, President and CEO of Infused Innovations. “Our goal is to become an integral part of our customers’ technology teams, helping them make the right technology decisions that will align their IT operations with their company’s business challenges.”


Infused Innovations purchased its first Tintri array in 2013 for all internal enterprise workloads. “We started with a few Tintri hybrid flash arrays and then moved up to the all-flash systems,” said Wilhelm. “As soon as we realized how easy it was to implement Tintri and saw the power of the platform, we asked ourselves, ‘Why are we selling any other storage to our customers, since Tintri makes much more sense?’”

Infused Innovations offers both on-premise and public cloud service options for its clients. “Some of our customers have chosen our cloud service for their primary workloads,” explained Wilhelm. “Others prefer to have their own on-premise infrastructure, but use our cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery. By using our cloud as their DR target, they get all of the benefits of Tintri’s native replication to the cloud without having to buy their own infrastructure for disaster recovery.”


Automatically Balancing VMs

Infused Innovations is using VM Scale-out, included with Tintri Global Center’s Advanced version, to create resource pools of Tintri storage arrays and intelligently optimize the location of every application across those pools. “One of the ‘pros’ of Tintri is that every time you add an additional storage array or shelf, you're also adding a lot of caching, SSD, and CPU to the environment. VM Scale-out in Global Center enables you to view and manage everything automatically and allow for predictive moving of VMs.”

Faster Implementation

Before moving to Tintri, storage deployments used to consume multiple hours. “Tintri is amazingly easy to implement,” noted Wilhelm. “It takes just 30 minutes from unboxing the array to when it’s available for use.”

Simpler Management

Infused Innovations is using Tintri Global Center (TGC) to manage its all-flash and hybrid arrays. TGC is an intelligent data and system management solution that assists administrators in policing their infrastructure, simplifying capacity planning, visualizing resource utilization, reducing bottlenecks in the IT network outside of the storage system, and enabling policy management and enforcement. “The fact that there are no LUNs or volumes to manage with Tintri is really great— it’s just one big NFS volume. Tintri also has native VAAI integration with VMware, which means that a lot of the tasks that you would normally need to perform are offloaded to the arrays, so there are a lot of important performance benefits and time savings there as well.”

“Traditional storage solutions consume a lot of IT time,” Wilhelm said. “One of our customers has a team of six IT admins that just manage their EMC VMAX and NetApp systems. Had they gone with Tintri, they could have reallocated 4-5 of those IT specialists to focus on providing additional value to the business in more strategic ways. With TGC, we can manage our entire environment from a simple web browser with a single pane of glass, and everything just works—we don't have to struggle with all of the set up that comes with traditional storage arrays anymore. By moving to Tintri, we are spending 80% less time managing our infrastructure.”

Tintri Global Center and VM Scale-out also provide the ability to easily configure QoS on multiple arrays. “VM Scale-out lets us set up replication, create backups, and set snapshots schedules across an entire group of arrays,” explained Wilhelm. “Then if we ever move that VM to another array, all of the metadata goes along with it. It also tells us when we are getting below a given threshold for latency or flash hits, or are running out of space for snapshotting, which is very useful.”

Future Plans

Over half of Infused Innovations’ customers are now running on Tintri, the rest are still on legacy arrays. “That's not to say that the other 50% of our clients aren’t interested in Tintri, it’s more a factor of timing and where they are in their purchasing cycles,” noted Wilhelm. “My team currently manages 30+ Tintri arrays and that number is growing rapidly. By using VM Scale-out, we have been able to reduce our large VM migrations from hours to minutes. With Tintri, storage is no longer something we have to worry about, it's just something that works. Tintri is providing us with peace of mind so we can focus on bringing greater value to all of our customers.”




Technology consulting and managed services provider


New England

Virtualization Environment

VMware vSphere

Traditional storage: EMC

Key Challenges

Storage capacity

Needed a higher performance storage solution that was easier to manage for internal enterprise and customer applications

Tintri Solution

Tintri hybrid and all-flash arrays

Tintri Global Center Advanced with VM Scale-out

Primary use case

Tintri storage is being used for all internal enterprise applications, and more than half of all client on-premise workloads and cloud services.

Business Benefits

Reduced storage management by 80%

Cut storage deployment time from several hours to 30 minutes

Optimized performance and capacity utilization using VM Scale-out to automatically balance VMs