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JPS Composite Materials Builds Virtual Desktop Environment on Tintri Application-Aware Storage

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Tintri Systems Increase VDI Performance and Simplify Virtual Desktop Management


JPS Composite Materials is a major U.S. manufacturer of mechanically formed glass and aramid substrate materials. Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers that are used in a wide range of applications, including: printed electronic circuit boards; advanced composite materials; civilian and military aerospace components; filtration and insulation products; specialty commercial construction substrates; medical, automotive and industrial components; and soft body armor for civilian and military applications. Headquartered in Anderson, South Carolina, JPS Materials operates three manufacturing locations in Anderson and Slater, South Carolina and Statesville, North Carolina.

Existing Storage Platform Lacked Scalability

JPS Materials upgraded from individual servers to its current SAN environment several years ago. “When we originally started virtualizing, we put in an EMC SAN,” noted Green. “It performed adequately for the few servers that we had, but when we started adding virtual desktops, we quickly found out that the IOPS capability of the EMC box was insufficient. Our distributor, Net3, suggested we look at Tintri since they were using the systems for their own cloud and were very happy with the performance.”

Greenville, South Carolina’s Net3 Technology is a leading Cloud services provider that delivers best-in-class IT cloud-based, and service management solutions in the most cost-efficient, fast, and reliable manner. Net3’s team has more than 40 years combined experience in the managed services sector, providing its customers with big business support and services with a small company personalized approach, and ensuring every client gets the service and solutions that best fits its IT infrastructure needs. “We felt that Tintri was the perfect solution for JPS Composite Materials since they needed a high performance solution that would allow them years of growth without needing a forklift upgrade. These are some of the reasons that we have utilized Tintri as a foundational technology in our cloud, PvDC,” says Hudson Denney, a partner at Net3 Technology.

Choosing Tintri

After receiving the glowing recommendation from Net3, the JPS IT team decided to test the Tintri systems. “We were impressed with the throughput and compression ratios we received with the Tintri systems,” Green reported. “Based on the results of our tests, we knew they could easily handle the number of virtualized desktops we wanted for our environment.”

JPS materials’ IT team then purchased a Tintri T620 for the Anderson, South Carolina datacenter. “Net3 did the initial set up and configuration of our Tintri systems,” noted Green. “The entire process took just a few minutes. There were some switching and cabling issues we had to get in place to provide sufficient bandwidth to the unit, but that had nothing to do with the Tintri box itself. Once we started migrating data over to the Tintri, it was a really simple and fast process.”

JPS Materials is now running 60 virtual desktops on the Tintri systems. “We have been very pleased with the improved performance of our VDI environment,” Green reported. “We now have plans to add at least another 60 desktops during this fiscal year. The virtual desktops are now being used by nearly everyone in our organization, from our employees on the shop floor to our accounting professionals. Our end users really appreciate the fast application response they are getting with Tintri and VMware virtual desktop environment.”

Simpler Management

“The Tintri systems are much easier to manage than our old legacy systems,” noted Michelle Williamson, network administrator at JPS Composite Materials Corp. “Having one huge LUN really reduces system complexity. Net3 helped us with the initial deployment, but now we don’t have to think about the systems any more. We just know they’re running flawlessly and there aren’t a lot of extra things we have to do to keep them happy. Our IT department is very resource-constrained, so ease of management is a huge advantage for us.”

“The Tintri systems are very reliable,” added Green. “We haven’t had any downtime or reliability problems with the units. We can also perform non-disruptive upgrades during the day with Tintri. We used to have to take our systems offline with the old legacy platform. As a result, we could only conduct upgrades at night or over long weekends. Providing thin clients to end users at our remote sites also simplifies desktop support. If we ever have a hardware failure, we can just replace the virtual desktop with a new one in just minutes.”

Proactive Tintri Support

“We haven’t had the need to call Tintri Support yet, since the systems are so reliable,” said Green. “We did get a call from them out of the blue one day. They said they were looking at our configuration and noticed that there were a couple of changes we could make that would increase the speed of building VMs. We made the changes and performance immediately improved just as they said. It used to take 20 minutes to build VMs or spin up a new server or desktop, now it’s just a five-minute process. We have been very impressed with Tintri’s proactive support.”

Future Plans

“We have been talking with Net3 about implementing a new remote disaster recovery site in the near term,” Green concluded. “I would like to have a second Tintri in our North Carolina facility for backup and DR. We originally purchased Tintri because our distribution partner Net3 recommended the solution to us. They love their Tintri box. We are pleased to report that we have obtained the same impressive results and great experience as they have.”

About Tintri

Tintri builds smart storage that sees, learns and adapts, enabling IT organizations to focus on virtualized applications and business services instead of managing storage infrastructure. Tintri application-aware storage eliminates planning and complex troubleshooting by providing VM-level visibility, control, insight and agility, with all flash performance for virtualized environment and the cloud. Tintri powers hundreds of thousands of virtual machines running business critical databases, enterprise apps, desktops and mobile apps, and private cloud deployments. Tintri helps global enterprises such as AMD, F5 Networks, GE, NEC, NTT, MillerCoors and Time Warner maximize their virtualization and cloud investments.


Virtualization environment

VMware vSphere 5.5

VMware Horizon 5.2

Traditional storage: EMC

VM profile

Microsoft SQL server databases and custom applications

Key challenges

Existing storage performance was inadequate for new VDI environment

Tintri solution

Tintri VMstore™ T620 systems

Primary use case

Tintri is being used for company-wide VDI development

Business benefits

Obtained higher IOPS for virtual desktops

Simplified storage management

Shortened VM builds from 20 minutes to just five