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KIREMA aims for fastest cloud desktop service with Tintri



Cloud desktop provider boosts storage speed and performance, prepares for future growth with shift to Tintri


IT Challenges

KIREMA Cloud Technology provides customers with a complete work environment in the cloud for a fixed amount per month. It uses the cloud to deliver most of the elements customers expect from on-premises infrastructure. In addition to cloud desktop, services include cloud server and cloud backup. Based in The Netherlands, KIREMA’s customers include lawyers, real estate, construction companies and contractors. The company has two data centers and focuses on businesses with between 50 and 200 employees.

Speed is of the essence for KIREMA in providing cloud-based desktops to customers and the company’s ambition is to deliver the fastest desktops in the market. The company relied on a combination of Dell EqualLogic and Atlantis hyperconverged technology to meet the storage requirements for its services, but it was starting to encounter several issues. Two separate storage solutions required significant management time. In addition, while KIREMA was happy with the speed of the Atlantis product, it wasn’t happy with the solution’s overall performance.

KIREMA’s owner Rainier Kwakkenbos began looking for an alternative. Kwakkenbos came across Tintri at an exhibition in the Netherlands. “From the first time I saw Tintri,” he says, “I was very happy with it.”

In less than two weeks, Tintri was running a proof of concept (POC) for KIREMA. “The communication with Tintri was great from the start and the POC went very well and made us very happy.”


KIREMA opted for a Tintri T885 Hybrid flash storage and software solution. “We looked at the T850 but when I thought about our plans for expansion in the future, I decided it made more sense to choose the T885 because we could do more with it and we could have it for longer,” Kwakkenbos reveals. “I knew that in one or two years we would need another box because we’re still on-boarding new clients and growing.”

The implementation was very fast. The machine was up and running within half an hour of being unboxed. “Everything is on the box, our complete infrastructure, all the remote desktop services from clients and all our applications and services, everything is in one place,” Kwakkenbos says. “We don’t need any other storage systems anymore, we’ve removed everything.”

Asked to sum up KIREMA’s experience with Tintri, Kwakkenbos replies: “I have more than 13 years of experience in all kinds of storage environments – I wasn’t really happy with everything but then we met Tintri and I’m very happy. I’m trying to sell Tintri to other people because I’m so happy with it.”


Performance and Speed

The main requirement KIREMA was looking for with its new storage environment was speed and performance. “We wanted to have the fastest desktops in our market for our customers,” Kwakkenbos says. “It’s lightning fast with Tintri.” From a performance point of view, it’s also very easy for KIREMA to see which virtual machine is using the most IOs and take the appropriate action to ensure it provides optimal performance to customers.

Better management

Storage management has been significantly reduced compared to the previous two-tier environment. “We don’t have to manage the box, it’s always working,” Kwakkenbos states. “Previously, when we had two tiers of storage, there was a lot of work for us to manage it. Now, once a week I’m looking at the console and wondering ‘why am I looking at it because it’s working fine?’. In any case, there’s no need to check if it’s OK because if something happens, I will get a notification if there’s an issue.”

Faster snapshots

“We’re very happy with the snapshot system. It’s very easy when we have a machine and want to do something with it, we can remove the machine and put it back again directly from storage. If we have malware or viruses, we can just go back to a snapshot and everything is working again. With the Atlantis system, snapshots weren’t working very well.”

Virtual machine creation

Tintri has also made it much easier to create virtual machines. “When we create virtual machines, it’s very light and fast because we can use a plug-in, so it’s a time saving device for us.”




Cloud desktop services provider


The Netherlands

Virtualization Environment


Traditional storage: EMC

Key Challenges

Existing Atlantis and Dell EqualLogic storage environment was cumbersome to manage and did not provide the required performance for future growth

Tintri Solution

Tintri T885 storage solutions

Primary use case

Cloud desktop service for customers with 50-200 users

Business Benefits

Supports KIREMA’s objective to deliver much faster cloud desktop service

Better visibility of performance

Faster and more flexible management and creation of virtual machines

Reduced storage management to almost zero