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Tintri and Azuba Team Up to Accelerate Performance for Konecta

Tintri and Azuba Team Up to Accelerate Performance for Konecta

Call Center Solutions Provider Eliminates Application Latencies with Tintri All-Flash Systems

IT Challenges

Madrid-based Konecta is a provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) and other innovative technology solutions. It currently operates across ten countries with more than 54,000 employees, delivering sophisticated IT solutions in the areas of telecommunications, contact centers, and other multichannel solutions where strong reliability and robust IT infrastructure are crucial.

“We process more than one million simultaneous calls each day that have to be registered, processed, and stored in real-time,” explained Asier Lopez, director of systems architecture at Konecta. “Our department is responsible for ensuring that all of our IT systems can support those heavy workloads. Unfortunately, with our HP blades and EMC VNX storage systems, we were experiencing some technical difficulties due to latencies in excess of 30ms.”

Konecta’s IT environment is comprised of two data centers, one in Madrid and the other in Barcelona, three virtualized Avaya switchboards with two recording systems, one from Avaya and another from Nice. The entire platform has been virtualized using VMware vSphere, with a total of 480 VMs configured for high availability and disaster recovery between data centers.


Konecta enlisted the help of IT solutions provider Azuba Collaboration Services for its upcoming infrastructure upgrade project. Azuba is a Spanish company founded in 2012 that provides advanced IT technologies and innovative services for the Next Generation Data Center. “After reviewing their challenges, we identified Tintri as the right solution for their environment,” explained Javier Roger, Azuba’s CTO. “With the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of virtual machines hosting mission-critical applications, combined with the Tintri Global Center management console offering real-time insight, Tintri provided everything that Konecta needed.”

Why Tintri?

Konecta purchased its first Tintri VM-aware all-flash storage arrays through Azuba in 2016. “Tintri´s ability to provide end-toend visibility into our VMs was very important to us,” explained Asier López. “The control over storage latency and the VM-level management functions were key factors in our decision as well. High performance and ease of use were also essential, due to the excessive management complexity and performance issues we faced in our previous environment.”

With the help of Azuba, Konecta ran a PoC on the Tintri systems. “A few days were enough to confirm the benefits of using Tintri with our workloads,” reported Asier López. “We were able to reduce all application latencies to under 1ms, and obtained much better deduplication ratios than expected. The proven characteristics of Tintri, the PoC results, and the attractive pricing were all factors in our decision to go with Tintri.”


Smaller Footprint

The majority of Konecta’s virtualization environment is now running on the Tintri systems. “We have already moved 72 VMs over to our new VMstore T5060,” Asier Lopez said. “By upgrading to Tintri, we were able to reduce our datacenter footprint from 5u to just 2u, and go from 27 TB to just 7.8 TB of data using Tintri’s deduplication and compression capabilities.”

Improved Replication Efficiency

Tintri has also improved replication efficiency for Konecta. “We maintain 48 crash-consistent and two VM-consistent snapshots of each virtual machine,” noted Asier López. “We replicate 423.5 MB of data each day, and the snapshots occupy 500 GB of space. The replication processes are incredibly fast and easy with Tintri. By moving to Tintri, we were able to improve our recovery point objective (RPO) to < 1hour, and a recovery time objective (RTO) to less than 15 minutes.”

Better Performance

“The Tintri systems performed much better than expected in both our test and production environments,” Asier reported. “Latency is very critical for virtualized workloads, especially with voice applications. By moving to Tintri, our average disk access latency dropped from over 30ms to just 0.2ms. In addition, our batch processes are taking about one fourth of the time to finish on Tintri compared to the EMC VNX systems.”

The most performance-demanding systems at Konecta are the DB2 databases that support its customer relationship management (CMR) system. The DB2 systems were running on HP physical blades with directly connected storage blades, with rotational disks and SSD in RAID1. “With the remaining space on the Tintri appliance, we decided to virtualize one of these machines,” commented Lopez. “The implementation of this CRM and database on the physical infrastructure took about 4 ½ minutes. When we virtualized it on Tintri, it only took 2 minutes to implement.”

Great Technical Support

“Before buying Tintri, we were worried about their ability to support us in Spain,” admitted Asier. “But our worries were unfounded. We received excellent support throughout the PoC, as well as in production. Tintri even managed to provide us with support in Spanish, which makes it much easier for our IT organization to get answers to their questions. Tintri Support has always been very responsive, and all of our issues have been quickly solved.”

Simple Management

“The ease of Tintri management has been quite a surprise, considering how powerful the systems are,” Asier Lopez shared. “It is very easy to replicate VMs between datacenters. We don’t have to use vMotion anymore, since there’s only one datastore with Tintri. It is an incredibly simple platform to manage and administer.”



IT Software and Service Provider: Business process outsourcing (BPO) and contact center solutions


Spain (Madrid, Barcelona)

Virtualization environment

VMware vSphere

Key challenges

Experiencing frequent crashes with virtualized voice applications due to excessive storage latencies

Slow replication between disk arrayshindered disaster recovery

Recording system processes were deteriorating

Tintri solution

Tintri VMstoreTM All-Flash Systems

Primary use case

Customer call center and voice applications

Business benefits

Reduced average disk access latencies from 30ms to less than 0.2ms

Reduced datacenter footprint from 5u to 2u, consolidated data from 27GB to 7.8GB

Improved disaster recovery with an RPO < 1hour and an RTO of <15 minutes