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LifeNet Health Improves its Ability to Save Lives, Restore Patient Health and Give Hope with Tintri Storage

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LifeNet Health – Saving Lives, Restoring Health and Giving Hope

Virginia-based LifeNet Health is a non-profit global leader in regenerative medicine and the world's largest provider of allograft bio-implants and organs for transplantation. Founded in 1982 as Eastern Virginia Tissue Bank (EVTB), LifeNet Health helps to save lives, restore health and give hope to thousands of patients each year. It is the world's most trusted provider of transplant solutions, from organ procurement to new innovations to bio-implant technologies and cellular therapies — a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, while always honoring the donors and healthcare professionals that allow the healing process.

"We are a community of individuals with a common purpose – to serve others by being good stewards of a precious gift offered to those in need," stated Don Pritchard, Vice President of LifeNet Health. "We value those who give, offering others the chance to live life to its fullest through organ and tissue transplantation." LifeNet is able to accomplish its noble mission by relying on a strong network of medical and technology partnerships, implementing a planned growth strategy, and the promotion of IT and operational efficiency and innovation throughout the organization.

Providing Remote Staff with Access to Real-Time Information

"Our company saves lives. That’s the reason why I joined LifeNet Health," stated Terry Tso, Director of Technical Operations at LifeNet Health. “Our goal in IT is to provide the systems and applications that will enable our employees to complete their assignments quickly and easily. One of the ways we have accomplished that goal was through our recent deployment of smart devices. LifeNet’s remote recovery staff are now more engaged with information in real-time, as opposed to obtaining it via fax, paper, or other traditional analog ways. With organ donation and tissue transplant services, fast access to data is critical. If we can simplify and speed information flow, we can improve the delivery of care and services to our transplant patients — ultimately saving the lives of patients who need tissue grafts or organ transplants.”

IT Challenges

LifeNet Health has grown very rapidly since its inception in 1982, now employing over 700 health care and business professionals, supported by a team of 20 IT professionals. "Due to the large amount of growth over the last five years, the demand for data and real-time information had surpassed the useful life of our data center storage," Tso explained. "Our applications were starting to exhibit a lot of performance and latency issues, resulting in poor application response times for our remote employees. Our remote recovery staff employees are tasked with placing orders and receiving donor information using our suite of SAP applications. After analyzing our current IT environment, we determined the cause of the slowdowns was our existing storage environment. We knew it was time for an upgrade."

Moving to Tintri

Tso and his team started looking for a new storage solution that could fix LifeNet Health’s application latency issues. In addition to Tintri, Tso also looked at solutions from Pure Storage, NetApp, and Dell. “We were first introduced to Tintri at a VMware conference,” Tso explained. “The Tintri demo was very impressive. The first thing we noticed was Tintri’s tight integration with virtual environments. We liked the visibility Tintri could provide into our entire storage environment, with its application- and VMaware design. And, the second area where Tintri surpassed the competitors was its high performance in virtual environments."

LifeNet Health purchased a Tintri T650 and immediately moved the company’s 8TB SAP instance over. "Our SAP environment really started humming as soon as we moved it over to Tintri," Tso reported. "The deployment was very straightforward. In the past we had to utilize consultants to help us deploy and configure our storage systems. But with Tintri, we were able to migrate without any additional help. They were able to easily and quickly deploy the Tintri arrays without any specialized training."

Easier Management and Faster Reporting

Storage management is far less complex with Tintri, according to Tso. "It’s much easier to access storage statistics with Tintri. It used to take hours to determine how we were utilizing our SAN. With Tintri, we now have a single pane of glass into our environment. It’s easy to use, and I can immediately see what’s going on in real-time, including how many days it will be until our storage system fills up. That’s a great metric for capacity planning. Creating reports is also simple and amazingly fast. There’s an inventory report we used to have to run at night because it took several hours and impacted our production systems. With Tintri, that report now runs in minutes. We are really happy with the Tintri arrays and are getting ready to buy another array very soon for future growth. We are also looking at adding a third array for replication at our DR site."


"When we first chose Tintri, it wasn’t just for its high performance and tight integration with VMware. It was also for its unsurpassed ease of use," concluded Tso. "Tintri has enabled us to increase VDI performance, spend less time managing our storage, and devote more time to improving end-user access to our key IT applications and services. With the extreme time-sensitivity of tissue banking and organ donation services, speeding the interchange of key information to and from our remote recovery staff directly impacts our ability to save lives."



Virginia Beach, VA

Virtualization environment

VMware® vSphere™ 5.5 (200 VMs)

VMware Horizon View 5.3.2 with 400 desktops

VM profile

SAP ECC 6.0, Business Objects 4.1

Microsoft Sharepoint 2013

Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012

Key challenges

Insufficient IOPS VDI environment

Existing storage platform was difficult to manage and provided limited visibility

Needed to run reports at night to avoid impacting production servers

​Tintri Solution

Tintri VMstore™ T650 systems

Primary use case

Tintri is providing high performing storage for VDI environment used by remote recovery staff.

Business benefits

Speeds the exchange of key information with remote personnel

Cuts the time to create reports from hours to minutes

Increases visibility and manageability of storage environment