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Orange Water and Sewer Authority Trusts Tintri

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Orange Water and Sewer Authority Trusts Tintri


  • Tintri T820 Hybrid-Flash systems
  • VMware vSphere 5.5
  • Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp

Previous Pain

Says Pat Abernathy, network administrator at OWASA, “One of our biggest challenges was due to the way our Dell EqualLogic systems were set up with one data store for every VM,” noted Abernathy. “That made connecting volumes and keeping track of space very time-consuming. Whenever we had performance issues, we had no way of knowing if it was a problem with the storage or something else.”

Decision: Purchased a Tintri system for VMware vSphere VMs, web-based app servers, GIS system, and Citrix XenDesktop environment.

A-ha Moment

“The Tintri solution addressed all of the pain points we were facing. And by using Tintri deduplication and compression, we were able to achieve a 2X reduction in data footprint.”

3 big wins

Better visibility
“Our financial system had a lot of performance problems, but it was impossible to figure out what was going on since we didn't have good network and app monitoring tools. With Tintri, we can instantly determine the source of any bottleneck, unlike our previous ‘black box’ environment.”

Saving time
“The ‘set it and forget it’ aspect of the Tintri VMstore system has been very valuable. With Tintri, I don't have to configure data stores anymore. VM cloning time is also dramatically faster. As a result, VM deployment time dropped from 45 minutes to well under 10 minutes.”

“Our DBA did a cursory test query on our SQL server to verify performance on our old SAN. Immediately after we migrated the server to the Tintri, the same query ran twice as fast, going from 14 seconds to 7 seconds.”