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Tintri and Plan B Technologies, Inc. Forge a Strong Partnership

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Company Information

Plan B Technologies, Inc. (PBT) is an IT solutions provider, headquartered in the Mid-Atlantic. From the datacenter to the device, PBT’s areas of expertise include storage area networking, backup, recovery and archiving, security and networking, Microsoft solutions and virtualization solutions for infrastructure, applications, and desktops.

PBT delivers the complete lifecycle of professional services, including project management, consultation, assessment, design, deployment, support, and staff augmentation. All services are delivered by systems consultants/integrators who are cross-trained with over 300 technical certifications. Since its inception in 2001, PBT has quadrupled in size and experiences significant growth each year.

“We currently serve several hundred customers from Richmond, Virginia to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ranging in size from global enterprises with thousands of users, all the way down to mom-and-pop shops,” explained Scott Riser, Director, Microsoft, Storage, and Backup, Recovery, & Archiving Services at Plan B Technologies. “We pride ourselves in not just providing products to our customers, but providing complete, integrated solutions for the entire data center. In order to provide the highest quality solutions to our customers, we choose our IT infrastructure partners very carefully.”

The Tintri and Plan B Technologies Partnership

Plan B Technologies became a Tintri Partner in 2016. “We decided to partner with Tintri for two reasons,” explained Zach Breckin, Plan B Technologies Account Manager. “One, we have developed a very good relationship with all of our key representatives at Tintri. And two, Tintri’s technology enables us to provide insight into not only the inner workings of VMware and the storage environment, but multiple points in between, including the virtualization hosts and the network.”

An Extensive Vetting Process

“We consider ourselves first and foremost as an engineering firm, not just a reseller,” Breckin explained. “Our CTO is very proud of how technical our partner vetting process is. Yes, we’ve had a great relationship with Tintri’s senior leadership and sales reps, but that alone wouldn't have been enough to meet our partnership standards. Before we became a Tintri partner, we went through a very strenuous technical approval process involving multiple engineers. We poked and prodded around the Tintri platform as best as we could before we even thought about recommending the solution to any of our customers. It was a very rigorous process, but Tintri was able to step up to the challenge. We know their technology is solid.”

Using the Tintri Partner Portal

“Tintri has provided a great set of resources for all of its partners,” Breckin acknowledged. “From a training perspective, the Tintri Partner Portal is our ‘go-to’ site. It is an excellent resource and provides all of the web-based training that we need. Whether it's asking for sales resources, customer presentations, or other marketing materials, the Tintri Partner Portal has been really helpful in ‘rounding out some of the edges’ that we needed from the sales perspective.”

Tintri Use Cases

“A lot of our customers are adopting a cloud-first approach for their IT infrastructure,” noted Riser. “Some have already deployed full cloud integrations with AWS or Azure, but others are just taking their first steps to becoming a cloud-based organization. Tintri changes the dynamics of how they think about storage, and moves them toward the ‘as-a-service’ mindset. Although some our customers still use our services for smaller deployments, most are finding it much more attractive to get their entire data centers onto Tintri because of that system management aspect. By removing other platforms from their organizations, our customers are able to fully benefit from that ease of management, and that greater insight into the entire breadth of their data center.”

Moving a Large Law Firm Over to Tintri

Plan B Technologies recently installed Tintri at a law firm with over 300 users in New Jersey. “This deployment was an outstanding success for Tintri,” Riser shared. “The firm recently migrated off of its 3-tier infrastructure to the Nutanix hyperconverged platform. During the 18 months that they have been running on Nutanix, they’ve already had to upgrade or scale out the platform numerous times because it wasn't meeting their needs. When we confirmed that the issues they were experiencing were indeed caused by the hyperconverged platform, we immediately moved them over to Tintri.”

Plan B Technologies ran a POC with Tintri on the law firm’s production workloads. “As soon as we moved everything over to Tintri, their systems started performing better and became much more responsive. It was a real eye-opening experience when they saw how their existing(?) hyperconverged platform was really hindering them, and how it wasn't meeting their needs,” Riser said.

This law firm has now replaced all of the Nutanix systems in its production environment. “All of their primary storage is now Tintri,” Riser reported. “They also gained a lot of capacity using Tintri’s de-duplication feature. For a law firm that has data comprised primarily of email files and image data, a 2:1 reduction from de-dupe is a huge success story in our book. They now have enough space left on the Tintri system to accommodate growth for the future. Their plan is to eventually replace all of their remote systems and disaster recovery environment with a similar Tintri appliance during the next budget cycles.”


“Tintri is a partner we can trust and want to do business with going forward. We are committed to serving our customers with the best technology solutions we can find, and that’s why we chose Tintri,” concluded Breckin.