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Tintri enables cloud service provider to improve storage performance, simplify management and ensure customer SLAs

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ProCirrus slashes latency and management effort

Until we partnered with Tintri, storage had been our biggest expense and our biggest vulnerability. After all the analysis and spreadsheets, the most important metric wasn't our cost per GB, it was finally having a product and partner that we can trust.

- Dan LeBaron, CTO

Previous Pain

"Despite substantial investments in other storage solutions, we were plagued by recurring and severe issues,” noted LeBaron. “We guarantee 100% uptime for our clients and our expensive storage was a persistent vulnerability to our SLAs as well as our peace of mind. As we began planning our new data center, we knew we had to resolve our storage vendor once and for all.”

A-ha Moment

LeBaron chose 10 vendor solutions for a deep dive. “Most vendors were offering very similar solutions, just in different boxes. Of the systems we investigated, Tintri was the only one approaching storage from the VM level. Since we are 100% virtualized, this unique approach was a powerful differentiator. Tintri’s hybrid arrays give us all of the speed with the SSDs on the front-end, with affordable capacity on the backend.”

3 big wins

Seeing clearly
“Tintri provides a level of analytics that no other provider could give us. Despite marketing to the contrary, our old platform was as opaque as it was unreliable. With Tintri, we instantly see what is happening at the most granular level.”

Eliminating latency and simplifying management
“Latencies on our previous systems ranged from 8 to 20ms. With Tintri, latencies are now sub 1ms which further improves the overall performance of our cloud offering. Managing Tintri is very lightweight. By moving to Tintri, we were able to dramatically lower our management footprint, which further improves our return on this investment."

Footprint and power reductions
Along with reliability and decreased management overhead, the Tintri devices consume 73% less rackspace and much less power over our previous storage.