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Quaero chooses Tintri for all workloads

Tintri Hybrid-Flash VMstore T850 for Quaero

Tintri enables analytical software hosting provider to reduce application latencies, cut co-lo costs, and simplify storage management.

This has been the only storage purchase I have ever made where the solution was under-promised and over-delivered.

- Matt Jones, Manager of Infrastructure, Quaero

Previous Pain

Quaero is a SaaS based audience intelligence platform designed to consolidate the vast data assets of a digital media company and apply analytic modules to drive real-time reporting and audience engagement strategy. For that reason, Quaero requires a robust, scalable and secure data environment.. “We were operating on a legacy IT environment with aging Dell Compellent systems,” explained Jones. “Performance was impacted and we were losing 2-3 drives per week.”

Decision: Quaero is now running all of its business-critical production web and application servers, and test and development environment on Tintri.

A-ha Moment

“It took just a few minutes to move each virtual machine to Tintri. Once we were done with the tests, we had to move everything back. It was shocking to see how much longer it took to copy things back to the Dell systems, because Compellent doesn't have the horsepower that Tintri does. It was a solid reminder to hurry up and make the Tintri purchase!”

3 big wins

90% lower latencies
“We used to have a ‘high watermark’ where all of the lines on our control panel turned red at 20ms. With Tintri, that redline decreased to just 2ms."

Smaller footprint
The Tintri systems fit in just 25% of the space and consumes just 10% of the power of the Compellent systems, enabling Quaero to save thousands of dollars each year on co-lo and power costs.

Visibility and easier management
“The Tintri management interface lets us drill down and see mappings of VMs and I/O. We used to spend several hours per week just tuning the Compellent systems. Having a device that manages itself is really quite wonderful. I could ignore Tintri entirely—but I like to look at the interface frequently to see all of the great numbers!”