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Randers Municipality Pioneers a New Storage Solution for Virtual Environments

Tintri Partner RanTek Enables Danish Municipality to Streamline Storage Management, Boost Available Capacity from 75% to 100%, and Lower IT Costs


Randers Municipality (in Danish, Randers Kommune) is the administrative body for the Region Midtjylland on the Jutland peninsula in central Denmark. It is one of the largest municipalities in Denmark with a population of nearly 96,000 and an area of 800 km2.

"It’s a huge challenge for us if our servers and applications do not perform optimally," stated René Demant Juncher, team leader for servers and infrastructure for Randers Municipality. "Our traditional storage was not designed for virtualized environments. There are many parameters that continuously need to be adjusted, making it time-consuming and complex to maintain. The inordinate amount of time used on administration had to be reduced significantly to achieve our 100% virtualization and optimization goal."

Looking for a New Storage Solution

Randers Municipality is known in government circles as a visionary with regards to its IT strategy. To optimize its IT infrastructure, increase productivity, and lower costs for its virtualized environment, Randers Municipality started its search for a new storage platform The Municipality’s IT department focused on finding a solution that would enable virtualization without configuration and maintenance overhead, while simultaneously providing efficient data delivery. RanTek A/S, the first Tintri IT reseller and knowledge center in Denmark, recommended Tintri.

"Server virtualization does not achieve its full benefits unless the underlying storage was designed for the virtual environment," said Tom Johannsen, sales manager at RanTek A/S. "With Tintri, everything required to support actual virtualization is in a single box. Very demanding, high I/O per second applications can be virtualized with very high performance and without complex configurations that require continuous maintenance. Tintri is a very important part of Randers’ IT department’s virtualization strategy, and we regard Tintri as being among the most simple and at the same time the most value-creating solutions on the market."

Tintri Benefits

Despite being a new storage solution in Denmark, Randers Municipality had no doubts regarding the potential value of Tintri. "We were focused on finding a solution that offered high performance, simplicity, and minimal run-time maintenance," said Juncher. "It took just a few hours to integrate Tintri into our virtual environment. We could immediately see that Tintri performed better than our traditional SAN, and as promised, it was simple to configure and maintain. Besides quickly delivering data to users and enabling us to utilize nearly 100 percent of our capacity, compared with 75 percent on our traditional arrays, it is also very simple to manage. With Tintri, daily storage maintenance and administration has been vastly reduced and we can now focus on development and strategy."

"Using built-in automation, Tintri VMstore automatically detects where to distribute extra capacity and resources to applications," continued Juncher. "VMstore can also troubleshoot delays. With our traditional equipment, these tasks took far too much time. Tintri also requires minimal space, giving us significant savings in square meters, electricity, and air-conditioning at our data center facilities."

Relying on a Strong Partnership

At Randers Municipality, the cooperation with RanTek A/S and Tintri have been very fruitful and positive. "We have had an extremely good experience with the RanTek team," stated Juncher. "They correctly presented Tintri to us, without promising more than the solution is capable of. They focused on ensuring that the implementation phase would be a positive experience, and that the appropriate technicians assisted in getting us started. Based on this, we trust the consultancy provided by RanTek and regard the company as a very competent partner."


Twenty percent of Randers’ virtual environment is already on the Tintri unit. The Randers IT department is now creating a business case to evaluate whether Tintri can completely replace all of its existing SAN. "Our optimization goals require better performance, increased simplicity, far less maintenance, electricity and physical space savings, and a much greener profile," noted Juncher. "Because Tintri excels in all these areas, it is likely we will be expanding our use of the Tintri solution very soon across our enterprise."



Randers, Denmark

Virtualization environment

VMware vSphere 5.5

VM profile

OS for Servers - Windows Server 2008 R2

OS for Desktops - Windows 7

Running virtualized files and applications

Key challenges

Achieve 100% virtualization

Reduce complex configuration and maintenance of the existing storage infrastructure

Cut IT costs

Tintri solution

Tintri VMstore TMT540

Primary use case

High performance storage for virtualized applications

Business benefits

Increased available capacity from 75% to 100%

Streamlined daily storage maintenance and administration tasks

Reduced installation and integration time to less than four hours

Achieved significant savings in space, electricity, and air-conditioning