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Whipcord upgrades to Tintri


“Tintri loves multi-tenant environments. It feels like it was designed especially for service providers.”

- Dan Hamilton, VP of Technology, Whipcord


Whipcord is a Canadian technology services provider that offers a wide range of enterprise-grade colocation, continuity, cloud, and network services from its Tier 3 designed data center facilities in Southern Alberta. Whipcord’s recent expansion to Vancouver and Toronto required a simplified IT management solution that allows them to analyze and troubleshoot issues.

“Tintri loves multi-tenant environments. It feels like it was designed specifically for service providers.” noted Dan Hamilton, VP of Technology, Whipcord, “It was important for us to road map and research storage technologies, we wanted a solution that would provide dual value; a system that is intelligent and allows my team to analyze and understand the customer experience, along with a competitive advantage that would exceed customer expectations. I knew that we had found the ideal solution when we came across Tintri.” Mike Stechyshyn, Director of Business Development, leads the sales team and manages partner relationships, “Our customers are our focus, we find solutions that are right for them and we continually endeavor to improve.” As part of Whipcord’s plan to provide superior performance to their clientele Whipcord recently acquired:

  • Tintri VMstore T850 systems for locations in Lethbridge, Toronto and Vancouver
  • Tintri Global Center
  • VMware vSphere

Previous Pain

Whipcord provides a wide range of enterprise-grade solutions including colocation, continuity – BaaS, DRaaS, Multi-Tenant Private Cloud, and network services from its Tier 3 designed data center facilities. “All multi-tenant service providers face the issue of noisy neighbors, or the ‘I/O blender’ effect, where mixed workloads compete for I/O. Performance was on par with industry average with our previous IT solution but we lacked the analytics to troubleshoot issues,” noted Dan Hamilton, VP of Technology, Whipcord, “Our solution was to deploy multiple Tintri T850 system for all customers and deploy Tintri Global Center for complete visibility across Whipcord’s national network.”

“Tintri VM-aware storage simplifies IT management and eliminates the noisy neighbor problem in multi-tenant customer environment.”

A-ha Moment

“Tintri was built from the ground up for virtualization, not retrofitted like other vendors’ solutions where VMware is just one of the many use cases. LUNs have no place in a virtual environment any more, it's an obsolete methodology. With Tintri there are no more LUNS, everything is managed per VM.”

3 big wins

VM-Level Visibility
“VMware's storage performance metrics are fairly limited,” explained Hamilton, “so we had little insight into how individual VMs were performing. With its per-VM level of visibility, Tintri enables us to eliminate the ‘competing I/O’ problem. We were never able to offer SLAs at the VM level before because we couldn’t guarantee performance on a particular VM. With Tintri we can now offer a variety of service levels to our customer base.”

Management Simplicity
“We run with a lean operations team so the less time our admins spend on storage the better. With Tintri Global Center we obtained a 75% reduction in administrative overhead, which translates to about $100K savings per year. Our admins are now able to focus on other more strategic tasks.”

Growing our Business
“Cloud computing is becoming a commodity, but with Tintri we now offer clients a true differentiator. By enabling us to solve the noisy neighbor problem, one of the biggest concerns about moving to the cloud, Tintri is helping us win and retain business. Additionally, in client benchmark after benchmark we are being told our Cloud outperforms the competitors,” Mike Stechyshyn, Director of Business Development, Whipcord.