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Tintri Announces General Availability of Next-Generation VM-aware Storage Appliance

Tintri VMstore™ T540 offers innovative performance & management features to further simplify storage for virtual machines

VMWORLD EUROPE, Booth #65 – Oct 17, 2011 – Tintri, Inc., the leading producer of VM-aware storage appliances, today announced the general availability of Tintri VMstore™ T540, its next-generation VM-aware storage appliance. The new dual-controller appliance includes a 50% increase in usable capacity, a 70% increase in flash capacity, and several industry-first capabilities.

New features in the Tintri VMstore T540 include:

  • Bottleneck visualization: Identifying and isolating performance bottlenecks is one of the most tedious VM management tasks. With Tintri VMstore, storage and VM administrators now have instant visibility from the guest OS layer all the way through to the storage layer. They can visualize and immediately identify per-VM or per-vDisk latency at any layer of the infrastructure, making it simple to identify the source of performance issues and take immediate action.
  • VM auto-alignment: Degraded performance due to misalignment between the guest file system and underlying storage is commonplace. With all conventional storage arrays, re-alignment requires manual, disruptive re-mapping of the guest file system. Tintri VMstore now automatically adapts the storage layer to the guest file system without any user interaction or service impact.
  • Dual storage controllers: The next-generation appliance adds fully redundant controllers for high-availability configurations. Like the existing single-controller system, Tintri OS updates do not require system downtime.
  • Expanded capacity. The T540 delivers a single datastore with 13.5TB of usable capacity in a 3U form factor. 2.4 TB of flash, combined with Tintri’s inline dedupe and compression delivers sub-millisecond latency for hundreds of VMs.

Supporting Quotes

“We’ve put a premium on engaging with the VM user community and identifying and addressing the biggest pain points with VM storage,” said Kieran Harty, Tintri CEO. “Features like bottleneck visualization and VM auto-alignment are tailored to the daily challenges that storage and VM admins face. Our aim is to provide a robust storage solution that eliminates complexity for virtualization projects, allowing enterprises to rapidly expand their virtualization deployments with confidence.”

“Tintri has emerged as the most innovative virtual machine storage solution on the market today—and in a remarkably short time period,” said David Floyer, CTO of Wikibon. “The company offers a leading example of a flash enhanced product that allows organizations to overcome storage bottlenecks common to virtualization projects. This latest extends the ability to directly manage just VMs and their virtual disks, eliminating decades of storage complexity.”

“As virtualization projects grow, you’re faced with increasing levels of complexity – particularly for storage,” said Ajesh Bhargava, Engineering Manager for SonicWall. “You quickly run into issues with scalability. Tintri’s combination of high VM density and simple, large datastores provides great scalability. I’m currently managing 20 storage devices across my infrastructure, and a single Tintri system can do the work of 10. They are easy to deploy and mitigate much of the stress involved with overseeing storage for VM deployments; one datastore, one IP – and you’re all set.”

“Driven by the rise of the cloud and virtualization, the storage market is undergoing a drastic transformation,” said David Galton-Fenzi, Zycko Group Sales and Marketing Director. “Tintri has emerged as a leader in this space, providing an innovative solution that extends the benefits of virtualization from the server side to storage. This is evidenced by the rate at which they were able to successfully expand internationally, and we’re thrilled to be a part of their growth in the EMEA market.”

Tintri at VMworld Europe

The Tintri team will be offering live demos of the next-generation Tintri VMstore appliance at VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen. They will be located at booth #65.

The Tintri VMstore T540 appliance is available throughout North America, EMEA and Japan. Tintri VMstore list pricing starts at $65,000; the new T540 is $90,000, including four 10-gigabit Ethernet ports.

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About Tintri, Inc.

Tintri is the developer of the first purpose-built storage system for virtual machines. Co-founded in 2008 by Dr. Kieran Harty, former head of R&D at VMware, Tintri brought together leading experts in virtualization, storage and file systems to create the world’s only VM-aware storage system. Tintri is a privately held company based in Mountain View, California with venture funding from NEA and Lightspeed Venture Partners.


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