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Tintri Announces Second Generation VM-aware Storage Appliance

Next generation Tintri VMstore™ includes unique VM bottleneck visualization and VM auto-alignment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Aug 25, 2011 – Tintri, Inc., the leading producer of VM-aware storage appliances, today announced the second generation of Tintri VMstore™, which will be generally available in Q4 2011. The new version of Tintri VMstore will include several industry firsts, including intuitive visualization of VM performance bottlenecks and VM auto-alignment. The company will be offering live demos of the new product at VMworld 2011.

New features in the second-generation version include:

  • Intuitive visualization of VM performance bottlenecks: Identifying and isolating performance bottlenecks is one of the most tedious VM management tasks. With Tintri VMstore, administrators now have instant visibility from the guest OS layer all the way through to the storage layer. They can visualize and immediately identify per-VM or per-vDisk latency at any layer of the infrastructure, making it simple to identify the source of performance issues and take immediate action.
  • VM auto-alignment: Degraded performance due to misalignment between the guest file system and underlying storage is commonplace. With all conventional storage arrays, re-alignment requires manual re-mapping of the guest file system. Tintri VMstore now automatically adapts the storage layer to the guest file system without any user interaction or service impact.
  • Dual storage controllers: The next-generation appliance adds fully redundant controllers for high-availability configurations. Like the existing single-controller system, Tintri OS updates do not require system downtime.

Tintri VMstore is the industry’s first storage appliance designed exclusively for VMs, allowing enterprises to significantly broaden their virtual deployments. The purpose-built file system offers VM-aware functionality and can measure and control I/O performance individually for each virtual disk in a system. Sophisticated data placement technology combined with inline deduplication and compression allows Tintri to deliver flash performance for all VMs.

Supporting Quotes

“Our stated mission is to extend the benefits of virtualization from the server side to storage,” said Kieran Harty, Tintri CEO. “This release will offer even greater flexibility to VM administrators by equipping them with quick access to actionable information and automating some of the most tedious and time-consuming VM management tasks. The overarching goal of this and future releases is eliminating the complexities of storage for VMs so that organizations can virtualize all applications.”


“Tintri is addressing two long-standing storage pain points with this release, and they’re doing so in an efficient, intuitive manner,” said Deni Connor, principal analyst at Storage Strategies NOW. “Giving VM administrators deeper visibility into performance and introducing an auto-alignment feature for VMs will eliminate two of the more tedious tasks associated with managing storage in a virtual environment. This release—and Tintri’s VM-aware nature—is a refreshing approach to storage for VMs.”

Tintri at VMworld 2011

The Tintri team will be present at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas (booth #348). They will be offering live demos of the second-generation of Tintri VMstore. Interested individuals can register for a live demo of Tintri VMstore here.

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About Tintri, Inc.

Tintri is the developer of the first purpose-built storage system for virtual machines. Co-founded in 2008 by Dr. Kieran Harty, former head of R&D at VMware, Tintri brought together leading experts in virtualization, storage and file systems to create the world’s only VM-aware storage system. Tintri is a privately held company based in Mountain View, California with venture funding from NEA and Lightspeed Venture Partners.


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