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Tintri Combines Forces with U.S. Army Joint Systems to Train Drone Pilots

U.S. Army leaves NetApp for Tintri VM-Aware Storage to Significantly Improve Performance and User Experience

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 13, 2015 – Tintri Inc., a leading producer of VM-aware storage (VAS) for virtualization and cloud environments, today announced that the U.S. Army Joint Systems Integration Lab (JSIL) is increasing user satisfaction and improving performance by using Tintri’s VM-aware storage to manage all virtualized workloads in its unmanned aircraft training systems division.

The JSIL is the IT center responsible for testing, developing and maintaining the software and hardware for the Army’s drone and missile programs. Previously, it had been using NetApp arrays to store the lab’s database imagery and drone software source code. But slowdowns due to disk I/O caused virtual machines to struggle through testing exercises. 

After running a series of tests on a Tintri T820 demo unit, the JSIL was ready to move mission critical workloads away from NetApp and onto Tintri. Shortly after migrating virtual workloads, the JSIL noticed immediate improvement in application performance, with a 220 percent speed increase in its disk I/O and 100 percent improvements on all other tests. 

“I liked the fact that Tintri specifically designed for virtualized environments,” explained Rory Hamaker, lead systems administrator and infrastructure architect at Ameritech/SED, a civilian contractor agency that provides IT services to the JSIL labs. “And since it’s a hybrid storage platform, I knew the systems could provide the speed as well as the capacity we needed for our VMware environment.” 

User productivity and satisfaction also skyrocketed. “We used to get 15 to 20 trouble tickets each week from end users complaining about application performance,” noted Hamaker. “Their VMs were locking up and not enabling them to connect to training modules. Since moving everything over to Tintri, I haven’t received a single trouble ticket or user complaint about system performance. In IT support, no news is good news. I have been trying to think of something I could suggest to Tintri to improve the storage systems, but Tintri has already thought of everything!” 

View the full U.S. Army JSIL case study

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