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Tintri Delivers Improved Storage Performance for ParAccel

Tintri VM-Aware Storage Reduces Latency By 98 Percent and Increases VM Density by 10X for Database Testing Environment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – June 18, 2013 – Tintri, Inc., the leading producer of purpose-built, VM-aware storage platforms today announced that ParAccel, an Actian company, a leading analytic platform provider, has successfully deployed Tintri VMstore to support its test and development environment. Tintri VM-aware storage has helped ParAccel to improve performance in its fully virtualized test and development environment, slashing database latency by 98 percent.

Prior to deploying Tintri, ParAccel found that virtualization was impacting storage performance and could not keep up with extreme processing speed of its analytic platform during testing operations. As a result of the poor VM storage performance, developers experienced high and unpredictable latency in their test and development environment hampering productivity.

After evaluating several alternative solutions, ParAccel deemed Tintri VM-aware storage the best fit and the most cost-effective solution to support their database test and development environment. The flash performance of Tintri allowed ParAccel to drastically reduce storage latency. Additionally, ParAccel has been able to reduce their datacenter footprint for storage by 90 percent with Tintri.

“Tintri provides a compelling, high-performance, small-footprint storage solution for our demanding test-and-development virtual environment,” said Mike Torgersen, vice president of IT at ParAccel. “Compared to our previous storage, Tintri VMstore can run 10 times the VMs in less than a tenth of the data center footprint, and reduce latency by 98 percent at the same time. They helped us realize a fundamental goal of virtualization: consolidating workloads and increasing resource utilization, both on hosts and on storage.”

“Prior to Tintri, ParAccel was a good example of the fundamental mismatch that exists between legacy storage and virtualized infrastructure,” said Geoff Stedman, Tintri vice president of marketing. “Performance issues are a major obstacle to virtualizing analytic applications, especially in large scale test-and-development environments. With our FlashFirst architecture, Tintri VM-aware storage is specifically built to deliver the performance needed in virtual environments, especially for test-and-development environments limited by legacy storage.”

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The pioneer of VM-aware storage, Tintri develops storage solutions for the software-defined-data-center (SDDC). Co-founded by Dr. Kieran Harty, who led engineering at VMware for seven years, Tintri was designed from the ground up specifically to make storage for virtualization work better. Easy to run in any production environment, Tintri scales globally to meet the demands of virtualized applications with manageability and visibility at the VM level, flash performance at disk prices, and racked in systems that require a fraction of the typical data center footprint. For more information, visit www.tintri.com.

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