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Tintri to Demonstrate VMware Virtual Volumes Support at VMworld 2013

VMWORLD SAN FRANCISCO – August 26, 2013 – Tintri, the leading producer of storage for virtualization and cloud environments, today announced that the company will demonstrate support for VMware Virtual Volumes (vVOLs) on Tintri VMstore at VMworld 2013 San Francisco.  The company will be presenting sessions and providing live demonstrations of VMstore with vVOLs in booth 1705 at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco from August 25-29.

vVOLs, which was initially previewed at previous VMworld events, is an effort started by VMware to improve the interaction between virtualization and storage systems and enable vendors to develop storage systems more attuned to virtualized environments.   

“With vVOLs, VMware has validated the need for a better alignment between storage and virtualization,” said Kieran Harty, Tintri CEO. “From the beginning, Tintri has focused on addressing this mismatch with our VM-Aware storage architecture. Our approach enables us to support this initiative without any redesign, while maintaining our level of scalability and VM-level control.

Tintri VMstore is designed from the ground up to understand and operate at the VM level.  Proven to support thousands of VMs with snapshots and clones on a single system with hundreds of deployments worldwide, VMstore is vVOLs-ready today. As a result, Tintri is able to deliver a future-proof zero management storage solution that provides VM and virtual disk level functionality today with a straightforward path to vVOLs when available.

Tintri’s demonstration at VMworld will not only show vVOLs operating on an existing VMstore, but will also highlight what a VM-Aware Storage architecture should deliver--scalability to support thousands of VMs per system and the intelligence to cost-effectively deliver VM -granular QoS and sub-millisecond latency. The demo will also show VM control through NFS and vVOLs side-by-side.

Meet Tintri at VMworld 2013 SF!

Tintri representatives will be on hand at the booth throughout the show to provide demos of Tintri Zero Management Storage™ for virtualized environments. The booth features a theater that will host a dozen separate Tintri customers and partners that will share their experience with Tintri throughout the course of the show.

For more details, visit http://www.tintri.com/events/vmworld-us-2013.

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Tintri Zero Management Storage™ helps IT organizations eliminate storage complexity and minimize costs for virtualized environments. Designed from the ground up for virtualization and cloud, Tintri addresses the mismatch between storage and virtualization with the industry’s first VM-Aware Storage architecture.  The Tintri VMstore improves performance by as much as 10x, makes virtualization predictable and enables higher IT productivity—all while slashing costs. Production-proven in hundreds of global enterprises, Tintri helps customers such as AMD, F5 Networks and Kawasaki Motors maximize their virtualization investments. For more information, visit www.tintri.com and follow us on Twitter: @tintriinc.

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