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Tintri Introduces Key Software Update to its Industry-Leading VM-aware Storage Appliance

Tintri launches advanced cloning and integration with key VMware management tools to accelerate virtualization

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – April 3, 2012 – Tintri, Inc., the leading producer of VM-aware, flash-based storage appliances, today announced a key new software update to its flagship product Tintri VMstore that further simplifies the process of deploying and managing storage for virtual environments. New capabilities include advanced cloning, which significantly reduces complexity of virtual machine (VM) provisioning, and integration with VMware® infrastructure, which allows IT managers to seamlessly access VMstore features from VMware management tools.

“As the benefits of virtualization become widely understood, IT organizations are highly motivated to find solutions to help them accelerate virtualization,” said Kieran Harty, Tintri CEO. “Today’s announcement builds on Tintri’s foundation of intelligent, VM-aware storage; there’s long been a demand for a modern alternative to the clunky cloning features currently offered by legacy storage vendors. These updates offer just that to IT operations teams, allowing them to test and roll out new applications much faster.”

The new software update includes the following capabilities:

  • Advanced Cloning Functionality. Enables IT administrators to dramatically improve efficiency of virtual machine (VM) provisioning. IT operations teams can now create hundreds of clones to support virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), instant provisioning, and test & development environments in minutes instead of hours.
  • Full Integration with VMware Management Tools via VAAI. Full support for vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) with VMware vSphere™ which provides integration with VMware management tools. IT operations teams can initiate cloning seamlessly from VMware vCenter™ or VMware vCloud™ Director to create space and performance efficient clones on Tintri VMstore appliances. This approach significantly reduces provisioning time and complexity.
  • Multi-vCenter Support. Allows a single Tintri VMstore appliance to support multiple VMware vCenter servers used for different use cases such as VDI and server infrastructure.

The new update to Tintri VMstore is available to Tintri customers through an early access program and will be generally available in summer 2012.

“The culmination of features in Tintri’s new release will completely change the way you look at storage for virtual environments,” said Ryan Makamson, Systems Administrator for the College of Engineering and Architecture at Washington State University. “With the VAAI plug-in, you can clone VMs in an instant; this will make provisioning of all of our VMs, VDI, and infrastructure alike – which makes everything much simpler and faster. The only downside is that I won’t have time to refill my coffee while I wait for the cloning process to run.”

Individuals interested in learning more can visit Tintri’s blog for an overview from Tintri’s engineering team on the new features.


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Designed from the ground-up for flash and virtualization, Tintri’s VM-aware storage appliance delivers flash performance at disk prices with intuitive management specifically for VMs. Customers such as Digital Chocolate, iPass, and TIBCO have simplified storage management, increased performance and achieved ROI in as little as 60 days with Tintri for both virtual server and desktop environments. Tintri was co-founded by Dr. Kieran Harty, who was formerly the EVP of Engineering at VMware. Tintri’s team also includes senior leaders from Citrix, Data Domain, Google, NetApp and Riverbed. Tintri is a privately-held company based in Mountain View, CA, with sales offices in Europe and Asia.

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