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Tintri Launches ‘Time is Money’ Program to Help Enterprises Reduce Storage Footprint and Management Effort by 50 Percent

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 24, 2015Tintri, a leading producer of VM-aware storage (VAS) for virtualization and cloud environments, today launched a new program for prospective customers built around the idea that ‘Time is Money.’ The program provides a virtualized environment “health check” for enterprises and cloud service providers, and proposes solutions to reduce storage footprint and management time by fifty percent.

The idea for the program stems from the most interesting statistic that emerged from a recent Taneja Group study of Tintri customers—the average customer reduced time spent managing storage by 60x. That same study also found that Tintri reduced storage footprint by 75 percent. The ‘Time is Money’ program is designed to show other organizations how they can realize similar savings.

In brief, to participate in the program, the registered representative runs a simple diagnostic tool that captures information about its virtual footprint and sends the results to Tintri. Once received, Tintri experts analyze vital stats and identify areas of over-provisioning. Tintri then synthesizes the information into an easily consumable, actionable format and presents the results to the prospective customer in person. To thank the representative for investing their time to run the diagnostic and attend the review, Tintri representatives will hand-deliver an Apple Watch.

“Rather than make sweeping promises, we use facts about an organization’s environment to help customers determine how much time and money they can save,” said Yael Zheng, Chief Marketing Officer at Tintri. “This program puts those facts front and center—proving that VM-aware storage helps customers change the way storage is provisioned and managed. We offer an Apple Watch as a nudge to participate and a reminder that time is money.”

The larger an organization’s virtual footprint, the more significant the impact, so the ‘Time is Money’ program is limited to non-Tintri customers using vSphere with at least 20 TB of virtualized disks and/or 200 virtual machines. The program operates until August 30, 2015—or while supplies last.

For more information, terms and conditions, eligibility criteria and to register, please visit www.tintri.com/timeismoney.

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Tintri builds smart storage that sees, learns and adapts, enabling IT organizations to focus on virtualized applications and business services instead of managing storage infrastructure. Tintri application-aware storage eliminates planning and complex troubleshooting by providing VM-level visibility, control, insight and agility, with all flash performance for virtualized environment and the cloud. Tintri powers hundreds of thousands of virtual machines running business critical databases, enterprise apps, desktops and mobile apps, and private cloud deployments. Tintri helps global enterprises such as AMD, F5 Networks, GE, NEC, NTT, MillerCoors and Time Warner maximize their virtualization and cloud investments. For more information, visit www.tintri.com and follow us on Twitter: @Tintri.


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