Tintri and VMware




Smart Storage for Virtualization and Private Cloud

Tintri, with its purpose built storage solutions for virtualized environments and cloud deployments, has been a VMware partner since its founding and we share hundreds of customers. Ever since inception, Tintri has invested massively in the partnership with VMware. The deep integration with VMware is evident in the alphabet soup of VMware technologies that Tintri supports - PowerCLI, VVOL, VAAI, VCAI, VASA, vROps, vSphere Web Client, VIO and more.

Tintri and VVOL

vSphere® Virtual Volumes (VVOL) aligns and integrates the enterprise storage with virtualization at the VM level. It is a great validation of what we at Tintri strongly believe – fundamentally the storage layer must understand and provide data management services and visibility at the VM level. Tintri currently provides its application-aware storage with VM level visibility and management for environments running VMware vSphere 4.1 and above using the NFS protocol. Tintri will extend that support to vSphere® 6 using NFS and VVOL, providing customers the choice to leverage both concurrently on a VMstore.



Design, implement, and troubleshoot storage at the LUN level.


Tintri believes that storage must provide intelligent performance, services and analytics at the VM level. We have been shipping products with these capabilities for nearly four years and have been working with VMware as a partner to integrate with VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes. With our support of VMware vSphere 6, Tintri will offer a scalable implementation of VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes supporting up to 1 million virtual volumes on a single system to provide unparalleled VM density.


Tintri and vROps

The Tintri Management Pack for vRealize Operations (vROps) provides VM level storage statistics, trending and insight that make managing and troubleshooting storage in large virtualized environments and private cloud deployments a breeze. This new capability allows anyone using vRealize to easily view rich details from Tintri VMstore. Tintri-VMware integration with vRealize provides a visual way to manage application based SLAs.



Manage Storage with Limited Visibility.


Tintri customers can monitor Tintri VMstore systems at the VM level directly from VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) management console with the release of Tintri Management Pack for vROps.


“Tintri support for vROps is a match made in heaven for us. VMware vRealize Operations gave our operations teams a powerful common management platform and Tintri storage gave us unique insight into storage performance by showing it at a virtualized workload level. This simplified management and accelerated decision-making.”

Firoze Bhorat, Senior Virtualization Engineer, Derivco


Tintri and VIO

Tintri support for VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) will allow customers who wish to run an OpenStack environment on their existing VMware infrastructure to leverage both the enterprise stability and features of VMware vSphere as well as the storage insight and performance efficiencies of their Tintri storage. The ability to quickly deploy, clone and tear down VMs with Tintri helps organizations realize the promise of OpenStack to accelerate their cloud initiatives.

Tintri and VMware® Horizon View™

Tintri sets a new bar for both price and performance with a new reference architecture to deliver a high-performance, low-cost infrastructure for VMware Horizon View. More than just a theoretical approach, this design has been tested and validated by both VMware and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Read the results of testing, view a whiteboard of the architecture design, and download the detailed testing procedures and results. You’ll see that the VDI cost and performance bars have been raised beyond expectations.