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Partner Benefits & Become a Partner

Benefits of becoming an Approved Tintri Partner 

Tintri has reinvented storage for virtualized and cloud applications and we want you to be part of the revolution. Becoming an Approved Tintri Partner will put you at the leading edge of storage technology and provide you with a solution for your clients that will truly solve their operational challenges. Your business and reputation will grow as a result and Tintri will provide you with all the sales tools and training necessary to succeed.

Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Tintri

1. Differentiated Products

Tintri is the industry’s first and only VM-aware storage (VAS) designed to overcome storage bottlenecks that have held customers back from virtualizing more of their data center. Tintri designed its architecture specifically for virtualization, with a file system optimized for flash. Customers get guaranteed VM-level performance and simple, intuitive per-VM management and analytics.

2. Unlock Revenue Opportunities and Increase Profits

  • Tintri opens the door for virtualization and cloud projects that were blocked by cost, performance and management challenges. Selling on value, not price, translates into higher profits.

  • Use Tintri to help close more VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack and other hypervisor deals and drive additional revenue from related products and services.

  • Tintri customers drive 3x repeat business or more within 18 months of their first purchase.

  • The differentiated products and quick customer ROI enable you to sell on value, not price, which translates into higher profits for you.

  • Establishing yourself from early on as a specialist of VM-aware technology on its rapid ascent also positions your company well for profitability.

  • Tintri can also get you into accounts you previously had not been able to penetrate.

3. Simple and Fast

  • Tintri is designed for simplicity, and that refers to the whole end to end process which includes selling, installation, and ongoing management.

  • The clear ROI and customer cost savings translate into much shorter selling cycles compared to selling legacy storage.

  • The POCs and demos tell the story and win over customers easily.

  • Tintri is easy to install. Customers can go from unboxing a Tintri appliance to deploying VMs on it in less than 30 minutes. Common tasks such as cloning and VM alignment become super easy.

4. Proven Team and Results

  • Tintri was co-founded by Dr. Kieran Harty, who formerly led development as Executive Vice President of Engineering at VMware. The team also includes senior leaders and industry experts from Citrix, Data Domain, Google, NetApp, Riverbed and VMware.

  • Since launching our first product in April 2011, Tintri already has over 1000 customers worldwide across a variety of industries.

  • With phenomenal year-over-year growth, Tintri proves there is big demand for VM-aware storage.

  • Customers are using Tintri to support large-scale virtualization deployments. The majority of Tintri customers are running more than 100 VMs on a single Tintri VMstore. 

5. Channel-Friendly Program

  • The Tintri Partner Program offers benefits like additional deal reg discounts and MDF funds, and rewards achievements and investments, based on program tiers.

  • The Tintri Partner Portal gives you access to a variety of sales and marketing tools (recordings, training, content and collateral, solution kits, etc.) to ramp your team quickly.

  • Tintri field and channel sales and technical resources are readily available to support partners throughout the sales cycle to ensure mutual success and a positive customer experience. 

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