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Maximize the performance for your applications and the people who manage them

All-Flash Array by Tintri

The Tintri All-Flash Array controls each application automatically, so you don’t have to. Tintri guarantees performance, crunches real-time analytics, and predicts future needs—all at the application level. With FlexDrive technology, you can expand capacity one drive at a time to exactly match business need. And with a common OS across arrays, you can manage a massive footprint in minutes per day.

Tintri EC6000 All-flashTintri T1000 All-flash

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Isolate your applications

The Tintri All-Flash Array automatically assigns each application its own lane. Manually set per-application quality of service by just dragging and dropping. It's never been easier to manage your applications.

Isolate your cloud applications

Get more done with automation

The Tintri All-Flash Array offers a set of REST APIs, as well as a PowerShell Toolkit and Python SDK. That lets you automate provisioning processes, policy applications and more. No more bottlenecks for you.

Get more done with automation

Real-time analytics for each application

Deep dive into individual VMs, exposing latency in just one click. See across your infrastructure with real-time analytics, troubleshooting across host, network and storage. Leverage historical data to predict future performance, capacity and compute needs.

Real-time analytics for cloud applications

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You know that all-flash storage isn’t just about raw performance. The Tintri EC6000 All-Flash Array boasts tight integration with your hypervisors, and powerful, automated management tools. With Tintri, you can manage your all-flash storage with a fraction of the time and money you’d need with conventional storage. Learn more about all-flash storage from Tintri: