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Automated storage management for each application

Tintri Global Center

Tintri Global Center (TGC) controls each of your applications automatically. Set policies for quality of service, cloning, snapshots and replication: all at the application level. Plus, Tintri treats up to 64 Tintri systems as a federated pool of storage that you can manage in just minutes per day.

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Manage and monitor up to 64 Tintri systems

Operate a one-person storage management center. You can manage up to 64 arrays as one, with complete visibility into all individual VMs or containers. Deep dive into capacity, performance and the root cause of latency in just clicks.

Tintri Global Center enables storage management and enterprise management of up to 160,000 VMs or containers from a single pane of glass.

Set policies that stick

Set up groups of like applications, then apply data protection and quality of service (QoS) policies to those groups. When you move individual applications out of groups and across your footprint, the policies follow—no manual intervention required.

Tintri Service Group Policies

Push “execute” and let Tintri do the rest

Tintri storage management is always at work—crunching one million stats about your applications every ten minutes. VM Scale-Out software uses this data to recommend the best placement of each application to optimize use of your capacity and performance.

Tintri optimizes workloads across the storage pool

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Tintri simplifies storage management and enterprise cloud management. One employee can manage an enormous virtual footprint—up to 64 Tintri arrays and 480,000 VMs—in a fraction of the day. And you never sacrifice automation, control or visibility at this scale: Tintri ensures you can drill into any individual VM or container at any time.