Tintri VMstore™ Hybrid-Flash

Tintri VMstore™ Hybrid-Flash

The Tintri VMstore T800 Hybrid Flash series aligns your storage with your business—putting the focus on your applications.

Tintri’s VM-aware storage speeds performance 6x to save you time, and packs disk 10x more densely to save you money. The T800 Hybrid Flash series is ideally suited to your multiple workloads and hypervisors, large (and growing) VDI deployment, and/or your private cloud.

Learn why the VMstore T800 Hybrid Flash has received more than 20 industry awards, including recognition as InfoWorld’s “2015 Technology of the Year.” 


“Not a single storage solution could outperform Tintri in any aspect of our proof-of-concept. Tintri left all of the other storage vendors in the dust.”

Steven Goodson, Network Support Manager, William Woods University 

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Performance Isolation

Tintri assigns every virtual machine its own lane to guarantee predictably fast performance.


VMstore is hypervisor agnostic, so you can store multiple workloads across multiple hypervisors on a single system.

Real-Time Analytics

More VM-level insight presented more clearly than anything you’ve ever seen or touched.



Please check out the VMstore T800 Series specifications below:





VM Density
VMs (max) 3,500 2,000 750
vDisks (max) 10,000 6,000 2,250
Flasha 8.8 TB 5.3 TB 1.7 TB
Rawa 78 TB 52 TB 20 TB
Usableb 51 TB 34 TB 11.8 TB
Effectivec,d 100 TB 66 TB 23 TB
Controller Gen 5 Dual Controller (active-standby) supporting Tintri OS 3.1 and up
Management 2x 1GbE (RJ-45) 2x 1GbE (RJ-45) 2x 1GbE (RJ-45)
Data 2x 10GbE
2x 10GbE
2x 1GbE (RJ-45)
Optional Data 2x 10GbE
Replication 2x 1GbE (RJ-45) 2x 1GbE (RJ-45)  
Optional Replication 2x 1GbE (SFP) 2x 1GbE (SFP) 2x 1GbE (RJ-45)
2x 1GbE (SFP)
Software Functionality Ethernet failover link aggregation, VLAN tagging, IP aliasing, LACP
Physical Specs
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4 RU, 7” (178 mm) x 19” (483 mm) x 28.5” (724 mm)
Weight 108 lbs (49.1 kg) 108 lbs (49.1 kg) 106 lbs (48.2 kg)
Power & Environmentals
100-140/180-240 VAC
@ 50-60 Hz (nom/max)
780 VA / 1,000 VA 714 VA / 861 VA 630 VA / 788 VA
Watts (nom/max) 740 / 950 680 / 820 600 / 750
BTU (nom/max) 2,525 / 3,240 2,320 / 2,800 2,000 / 2,560
Power Supplies Dual redundant hot swappable with a choice of NEMA or IEC plug types
Operating Temperature  5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Non-Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Operating Humidity 8% to 90% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Compliance RoHS, REACH
Safety CSA/EN/IEC 60950-1, GOST
Emissions FCC Class A, ICES-003 Class A, VCCI Class A
Product Support
Administration Tintri Global Center™, Web (https), KVM (console), SMTP and SNMP for alerts
Support Proactive support with automated phone home and case creation
Virtualization Software Support
Hypervisor VMware vSphere 4.x - 6.x (NFS)
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.3+ (NFS)
Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 (SMB3)
VDI VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop
Additional Software
Multi-VMstore Tintri Global Center™
Replication Tintri ReplicateVM™
Encryption Tintri SecureVM™
Synchronization Tintri SyncVMTM

(a) All capacity values are based on Base 10 (i.e., 1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes)
(b) After double parity RAID-6, spare, and system overhead
(c) Effective usable capacity is calculated after data reduction, which provides up to 2.5x capacity saving from compression and deduplication from per-VM cloning.
(d) Effective usable capacity assumes a data reduction ratio of 1.95x, but does not include savings from thin provisioning which typically provides an additional 2.3x capacity benefit (based on actual customer results)