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VM-aware storage specifically built for virtualization and cloud

Tintri all-flash VM-aware storage hardware and software

You’ve virtualized your applications, so why is your storage still structured around physical workloads?

If your business depends on virtualized servers, databases and desktops to operate, you need storage that can guarantee the performance of these applications. The Tintri Hybrid-Flash Array and All-Flash Array run on VM-aware storage (VAS). And they're built explicitly for virtualization and cloud.

Tintri offers both all-flash and hybrid-flash storage platforms—but the VM-aware storage difference stems from software. Tintri’s operating system treats your virtual machines as the unit of management. That means you will never deal with LUNs, volumes or other remnants of outdated storage. Instead, all analytics and actions work at the VM-level to keep storage simple.

Our VAS architecture introduces other benefits only available from Tintri. Scale-out from terabytes to petabytes with less than one employee, set quality of service (QoS) thresholds for critical VMs, and run multiple, concurrent hypervisors on a single storage platform to save cost. Tintri VM-aware storage isn’t an incremental change—it’s storage you can manage with a fraction of the time and money. 


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VM-aware storage radically simplifies the way you work. Try the UI right now.

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The transformative impact of VM-aware storage

6X more performance.

VM-aware all-flash and hybrid-flash storage gives every virtual machine its own lane to eliminate conflict over resources. You can set exact quality of service for guaranteed performance.

VM Lanes

98% less management time.

Our VM-aware storage eliminates LUNs and volumes, so you can see across your entire infrastructure and identify the root cause of latency for any virtual machine with total transparency.

VMstore Management

17 TB to 10 PB scale-out simplicity

Tintri makes it possible to scale-out from 17 TB up to 10 PB with just one employee. Intelligent algorithms locate every VM for optimal use of capacity and performance, and predictive analytics anticipate your storage needs. 

Scale-out Storage

Add more software capabilities.

Global Center

Tintri Global Center

Manage multiple VMstores and up to 160,000 VMs from a single pane of glass.



Time travel through snapshots and update child VMs from a master in seconds.



Replicate any individual VM from your dashboard in just three clicks.



Protect your entire VMstore with zero impact on performance or capacity.