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A Peek Into What Real Users Think

Top Enterprise Flash Array Storage Solutions

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Over 127,030 professionals have used IT Central Station research on enterprise tech. Here are the top Enterprise Flash Array Storage vendors based on product reviews, ratings, and comparisons. All reviews and ratings are from real users, validated by our triple authentication process.

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Top 5 Solutions by Ranking Factor

Top 5 Solutions by Ranking Factor

Tintri VMstore Overview

Tintri builds VM-aware storage (VAS) specifically for virtualized enterprises and cloud. It has no outdated LUNs or volumes, instead allowing you to take every storage action – manage, replicate, clone, analyze and more – at the virtual machine level. That granularity and control speed performance 6x, shrinks footprint 10x and reduces management time by 95%.


Chevron, United Healthcare, Sony, GE, Toyota, NASA, the US Army, the University of California Irvine, AMD and more.


Nimble Storage vs. Tintri VMstore … Compared 20% of the time

Pure Storage vs. Tintri VMstore … Compared 11% of the time

Dell EMC XtremIO Flash Storage vs. Tintri VMstore … Compared 9% of the time



University … 14%

Financial Services Firm … 10%

Manufacturing Company … 10%

Software R&D Company … 7%


1-100 Employees … 14%

100-1000 Employees … 41%

1000+ Employees … 44%



University … 30%

Insurance Company … 10%

Healthcare Company … 10%

Software R&D Company … 10%


1-100 Employees … 27%

100-1000 Employees … 45%

1000+ Employees … 27%

* Data is based on the aggregate profiles of IT Central Station Users reviewing and researching this solution.

Top Reviews by Topic


The overall speed of the system is the main feature that is valuable for us. The metrics and analytics it provided is great also. This product was purchased for our VMware View VDI environment . At the time we were having disk latency issues and were looking for an all Flash array. This is a Hybrid unit. At first we were skeptical it could provide the same performance as an all Flash Array, but when we tested it against one it did. So speed was our primary feature we were looking for and we certainly got. We also find the detail per-vm reporting at ...
Rene Chakraborty - Full Review

For my company, Tintri's most valuable feature is it's TCO. This system is easy to install, requires no training, and is easy to upgrade. I've worked on both EMC and NetApp SANs, and this is by far the easiest system to maintain. As a SysAdmin, I really appreciate the built-in monitoring capabilities as well as the PowerShell and REST API toolkits.
Scott Vintinner - Full Review

Speed - the hybrid flash has low latency even at high bandwidth. Performance Metrics - the ability to see which VM is having issues in now only 3 clicks away.
reviewer256836 - Full Review

All of them. Tintri Snapshot, vCenter integration, powerCLI integration, the way you manage everything. Bye Bye time spent on managing storage arrays etc.
Adrian Liviu Coman - Full Review


The SAN was purchased for our VDI environment. As soon as we put it in place, we noticed a threefold speed increase in the overall system. It has greatly improved the performance of our VDI environment to start. Since the initial deployment we also attached it to our "Server VM" vsphere and even placed some of our virtual server workloads on it and it has handled that load very well.
Rene Chakraborty - Full Review

We have 300 virtual desktops running on VMware Horizon. While many VDI deployments (like call centers) are able to take advantage of non-persistent desktops, licensing and other application issues forced us to use more IO-intensive persistent desktops. The T650 allowed us to cost-efficiently provide very high performing desktops by optimizing the use of Flash. We're currently using 19 TB of storage space for the desktops, but their optimization has consistently given us a 100% flash-hit ratio.
Scott Vintinner - Full Review

Since our purchase Tintri has added QoS. While that works great the vmstores are so good at eliminating noisy neighbor issues we have not had to use it.
reviewer256836 - Full Review


On the physical side, I would suggest adding a light to each of the controllers that would indicate which is the active and with is the passive. On the software side, I suggest adding integration with backups software like CommVault Simpana or Veeam where these products can integrate with the array and trigger things like snapshots for backup, etc. We are considering buying another to host more of our virtual server workload.
Rene Chakraborty - Full Review

I would love to see improvements in their replication engine. Their current replication is really just enough to "check the box" that they do replication. We'll probably implement Actifio, Zerto or EMC RecoverPoint for VMs for more critical data replication.
Scott Vintinner - Full Review

I would like to see better integration of the Tintri features directly into vSphere. Some of this is an extensibility issue in vSphere. They need to keep improving single pane of glass management across many Tintri units and not just monitoring of all units. They are making progress on both of these issues.
reviewer256836 - Full Review

Bye bye managing storage array, to create volumes and taking care to isolate big IO consumers into the production environment. Huge improvement in creating adhoc labs, pre-prod environments and dev as well, in just few minutes, etc.
Adrian Liviu Coman - Full Review


For now we don't have scalability issues, but It would be nice to add an external bay for additional storage space. If you need more space, you need to buy another full VMStore.
Charles Ferland - Full Review

Scaling is very easy to do, as they effectively are standalone units. You can get a Global Center OVA which monitors and manages up to 32 devices at once. We have this in-house and use it frequently.
Jason Butler - Full Review

We currently have about 240TB of data and add about 60TB a year. Ideally, we prefer to have a single array to manage for our primary workload. Our VDI environment is stored separately and Tintri more than fits the need of this environment.
Ronald Walter - Full Review


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