Tintri Storage Performance in Virtual Environments | Tintri

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Evaluator Group

Storage benchmarking can reveal great data points when considering new storage vendors. And The Evaluator Group operates one of the most objective benchmarking programs in the market. Vendors like Tintri can pay to access their testing, but we can’t buy results. So, The Evaluator Group put a Tintri T5060 all-flash array through its paces, and compared its performance and manageability to its peer set. 

The result? The Evaluator Group noted that, “The storage efficiency of Tintri’s data reduction surpassed any storage system tested to date for VDI workloads. The Tintri T5000 series is one of the best storage values for virtualized workloads.”

It’s worth you digging in to learn more about their methodology, and to understand how Tintri earned such high praise. Complete the form below and you’ll gain access to all three reports from The Evaluator Group—Testing for VDI, Testing for Virtual Servers and their Summary Report.