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Tintri Competitor Comparisons & All-Flash Storage Options

With products and software for virtualized workloads, Tintri automatically manages each application, so you don’t have to. That means you’re free from decades-old storage constraints, so you can spend your time on high-impact projects.

When it comes to all-flash storage, every competitor offers something different. That’s why we’ve created these Tintri competitor pages for you to review—have a look at what every one of our competitors offers and see for yourself exactly how each stacks up against Tintri. See which competitors offer the most complete services, which can handle multiple workloads on a single system, and which provide the most granular storage analytics.

Review head-to-head comparisons to see why your company will get further when powered by Tintri.


3PAR offers table stakes deduplication and multi-hypervisor support, but it lacks tight integration with public cloud for long-term retention. 

Dell EqualLogic

For enterprise-level users, Tintri offers snapshots, clones, and replication at the VM-level—Dell EqualLogic doesn’t offer any comparable data services.


Learn why EMC XtremIO lacks per-workload headroom visualization, real-time analytics across storage, network, and compute, or predictive analytics for forecasting storage and compute needs.


NetApp does provide deduplication and multi-hypervisor support, it doesn’t offer automated rebalancing of VM placement for better use of resources or entirely virtualized workloads—Tintri optimizes your footprint at every turn.

Nimble Storage

Tintri and Nimble Storage offer deduplication and multi-hypervisor support, but only Tintri offers native ability to backup to the public cloud for long-term retention. 


Nutanix tries to claim web-scale, but it struggles to maintain stability and predictable performance beyond just 4 nodes. 

Pure Storage

Pure Storage’s analytics are limited to the LUN and volume-level—they lack the ability to show you what is happening with your individual applications.


The promise of vSAN is simplicity, since both storage and compute are delivered in one form factor—but, the reality is more complicated. 

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