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EMC XtremIO Competitor Comparison

EMC XtremIO claims to have unmatched efficiency and high performance, but relies on logical unit numbers (LUNs). LUNs are old news, and EMC XtremeIO’s performance suffers because of it. On the other hand, Tintri achieves performance and efficiency by fully embracing virtual machines. Tintri integrates workload isolation and quality of service to give you the best performance possible. Even a cursory glance reveals still more important differences between Tintri and EMC XtremIO: Tintri is ahead in performance, management, analytics, scaling, and more.



Workload isolation (auto-QoS) Per-VM Per-LUN
Quality of service min / max Per-VM Per-LUN


Data services like snapshots, clones, replication at a VM Level
Single-pane of glass, policy based management
Enhanced storage vMotion / live migration offload


Per Workload Headroom Visualization
Real-time analytics across storage, network and compute
Predictive analytics to forecast storage and compute requirements


Expand all-flash capacity one drive at a time
Automated rebalancing of VM placement to optimize use of resources


Space savings (deduplication)
Multi-hypervisor support on a single system
Ability to backup to public cloud for long term retention
Address non-virtualized workloads

Bottom Line

Though EMC XtremIO offers deduplication and multi-hypervisor support, Tintri gives those and more. Tintri provides comprehensive management including data and analytics services and policy-based management. As far as analytics are concerned, EMC XtremIO is significantly inferior to Tintri. XtremIO does not have per-workload headroom visualization, real-time analytics across storage, network, and compute, or predictive analytics for forecasting storage and compute needs. Tintri, has all of these key analytics features. To add to the mix, Tintri is scalable. It supports automated placement of VMs, so that resources are used optimally, and the expansion of all-flash capacity one drive at a time.

Tintri offers comprehensive performance, management, analytics, and scalability. EMC XtremIO simply cannot compete.



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“Tintri ensures that all of our applications perform predictably as we scale.”

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