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NetApp Competitor Comparison

The NetApp comparison to Tintri reveals many places where these two storage providers differ. While the majority of NetApp competitors still work on legacy storage options, including logical unit numbers (LUNs) and volumes, Tintri offers storage and computing on the virtual machine (VM) level. By taking every storage action on VMs, Tintri is faster, more agile, and easier to manage. If you have been looking for NetApp alternatives, Tintri may offer just what you need.



Workload isolation (auto-QoS) Per-VM Per-Volume
Quality of service min / max Per-VM Per-Volume


Data services like snapshots, clones, replication at a VM Level
Single-pane of glass, policy based management
Enhanced storage vMotion / live migration offload


Per Workload Headroom Visualization
Real-time analytics across storage, network and compute
Predictive analytics to forecast storage and compute requirements


Expand all-flash capacity one drive at a time
Automated rebalancing of VM placement to optimize use of resources


Space savings (deduplication)
Multi-hypervisor support on a single system
Ability to backup to public cloud for long term retention Limited
Address non-virtualized workloads

Bottom Line

From box to production, NetApp takes anywhere from three to five days to install, while Tintri takes about 30 minutes or less—and that’s only the beginning of the contrasting advantages offered by the Tintri All-Flash Array. Tintri offers data services like snapshots, clones, and replication at the VM-level, which NetApp cannot offer because it is built on LUNs and volumes. Additionally, Tintri brings its users workload isolation for automated Quality of Service at the VM-level, so you’ll never have to manually manipulate performance.

Unlike NetApp alternatives like Pure Storage and Tegile, Tintri offers both real-time and predictive analytics, so you can resolve short and long-term storage and workload issues at the VM-level. From a single pane of glass, Tintri brings you policy-based management, and by utilizing Tintri vMotion, you’ll have options for enhanced speed, including faster live migrations.

If you want more options, more speed and more space in the data center, you’ll get more from Tintri than NetApp, which doesn’t offer the native ability to backup to public cloud for long-term retention. While NetApp does provide deduplication and multi-hypervisor support, it doesn’t offer automated rebalancing of VM placement for better use of resources or entirely virtualized workloads—Tintri optimizes your footprint at every turn.



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