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Pure Storage Competitor Comparision

Pure Storage still uses the same legacy constructs from decades past—LUNs and volumes. That imposes huge limitations in a user’s ability to manage the system, access meaningful analytics and operate at scale. Tintri takes every action in virtual machines (VMs), which allows for granular control and guaranteed performance.

Where else will you see a profound difference between Pure and Tintri? Analytics. Pure Storage’s analytics are limited to the LUN and volume-level—they lack the ability to show you what is happening with your individual applications. Tintri offers real-time visibility into performance across storage, compute and networking, so troubleshooting takes seconds. And, predictive analytics use up to 3 years of historical data to forecast exact need for storage and compute resources up to 18 months into the future.

    TINTRI Pure Storage


Workload isolation (auto-QoS) Per-VM Per-LUN
Quality of service min / max Per-VM Per-LUN


Data services like snapshots, clones, replication at a VM Level
Single-pane of glass, policy based management
Enhanced storage vMotion / live migration offload


Per Workload Headroom Visualization
Real-time analytics across storage, network and compute
Predictive analytics to forecast storage and compute requirements


Expand all-flash capacity one drive at a time
Automated rebalancing of VM placement to optimize use of resources


Space savings (deduplication)
Multi-hypervisor support on a single system
Ability to backup to public cloud for long term retention Azure Only
Address non-virtualized workloads

Bottom Line

For users concerned with scalability, Tintri is in a different league than Pure Storage. Tintri allows customers to expand capacity just one drive at a time, so they can exactly match capacity to business need. Pure requires customers to add capacity six drives at a time due to RAID parity, which only causes over-provisioning and unnecessary expense. And with Tintri, customers can add another system in less than 30 minutes, and scale-out software will automatically recommend the optimal placement for every application across the newly expanded footprint.

While both Tintri and Pure Storage offer deduplication, multi-hypervisor support and the ability to backup to public cloud for long-term retention of native applications and software, only Tintri takes every storage action at the VM-level. Tintri all-flash storage provides the visibility, management, control, analytics, scalability and performance needed for the most agile infrastructure.



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“Tintri ensures that all of our applications perform predictably as we scale.”

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